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Cheap destinations to travel to during reading week

Cheap destinations to travel to during reading week

Ordinarily, reading week is when you have the opportunity to rest and work on your assignments. Unfortunately, I will not have the privilege of enjoying it with that goal as all my first three assignments are due before this week. Having said that, I will definitely see the positive side of it and use that week to rest and, who knows, travel as well – you probably already know by now that I love exploring new places (and even old ones!)

I wanted to share my list of possible destinations with you in case you have the opportunity to go somewhere else. And I promise – all the prices are student friendly.

If you are in the mood to get on a plane, these are the places you can travel to for less than £100 return during the reading week:

  • Warsaw
  • Paris
  • Verona (I may do a blog post about this lovely city as I actually already visited it recently)
  • Dublin
  • Amsterdam
  • Barcelona (you can check my blog posts about my university trip to Barcelona here and here!)
  • Madrid
  • Bratislava

If you prefer to stay on a budget then there are cities within the UK that will cost you as little as £10 to visit them.

  • Oxford (less than £10 by bus)
  • Liverpool (less than £20 by train or bus)
  • London (less than £15 by train or bus – and definitely check my post about spending a day in London on a budget)
  • Bristol (less than £15 by bus)
  • Cardiff (less than £15 by bus)
  • Nottingham (less than £10 by bus)
  • Stratford-upon-Avon (less than £10 by train)
  • Warwick (less than £10 by train – for some tips on what to do in this cute town have a read on my post about a day out in Warwick)
  • Coventry (less than £10 by train or bus)

Although I have been here for almost two years now, there are so many places where I still want to go, and having such good train and bus connections from Birmingham is a great opportunity to explore the country.

And there you go, cheap destinations to travel to this reading week, either abroad or a 30-minute trip away from Birmingham. You can also take the time to explore Birmingham and go to places such as the Botanical Gardens or one of the amazing museums.

Hope you follow one of my suggestions and explore a lot – and don’t forget to give the bloggers a follow on Instagram and Twitter to know what we are up to!




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