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Girls’ week in Tenerife

Girls’ week in Tenerife

Anyone who knows me knows that even though I was born in Britain, grew up in Britain and live in Britain, I haven’t quite acclimatised to the chilly British air yet. Moreover, I don’t think I ever will. Because of this, I am always looking for getaways to hotter climates.

This January, me and my friend Nicole headed for seven nights away in sunny Tenerife. This was such a nice chance to get away and get a tan. We booked through, found a cheap apartment in Tenerife (we were surprised how nice it was when we got there) and booked flights, shared a suitcase (we are not paying £50 for a few more shoes) and headed to Birmingham Airport. According to Nicole, I’m a weirdo for talking to other people on the plane, but I actually had a lovely conversation with the woman sat next to us while Nicole slept.

We landed in Tenerife at about 8pm and attempted to find our apartment (this did not go well). Pulling what was possibly the world’s heaviest suitcase, we walked up and down and finally had to ask for assistance from a very nice hotel receptionist who had to close the reception and walk us to our apartment, which was slightly embarrassing.

Even though we were staying in a self-catering apartment and we are two chefs, the most complex thing we made all week was beans on toast. Being right in Playa de las Américas there were lots of seafront restaurants to try, beach clubs and bars. The food was amazing and we even found this little restaurant down the other side of the beach that had the best chocolate pudding ever. After steak, crepes and pizza, my beach body was dying and so was my bank account so our daily ham sandwiches for lunch became a thing (I make them because Nicole fills baguettes like a weirdo).

Me and Nicole set out to have a relaxing beach holiday but I guess the drinks over there are a little too strong for that! The bars and clubs are weird and as creatures of habit, we ended up back at the same ones night after night (Chillies and Jumping Jacks forever). All I can say is we met some interesting people – maybe the Scottish are particularly attracted to Tenerife when it’s snowing back home. We made friends with our favourite promoter (Sammy) and our favourite electric guitarist (Steve) and many more as we seemed to be the only English girls on the island that week (probably the only Brummies, which people thought was very funny).

One of my favourite days on holiday (that we woke up) was our day at Siam Park. I would recommend going there especially at this time of year since there are no queues and it’s the sort of place I know would be heaving in the summer. The park was amazing and we went on all the rides multiple times. There are huge rides, food, shops, synthetic beaches and more, we had the best day getting knocked over by the rapids.

Really it was the typical girls’ holiday: Sunbathing and cocktails, trying to eat a whole watermelon on the beach (which I accidentally dropped in the sand), Nicole stealing a palm tree and having pedicures from probably the moodiest women in Tenerife, as well as me having to dance with a bunch of women from Belgium and have Nicole bargain for free drinks everywhere we went!

All in all it was pretty random, but it has made me want to go on a winter holiday every year. January holidays can be just as much fun as summer.

I still only learnt very bad remedial Spanish… “La cuenta, por favor!”