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Ghetto Golf

Ghetto Golf

So on my FdA Professional Cookery course, we decided a few of us wanted to do a trip out. Debating different ideas on what to do, we came to the conclusion we all wanted to try Ghetto Golf in Digbeth. I would 100% recommend this for a date night or just something to do with your mates as a not-too-expensive but different night out (It’s £15 a head and the drinks aren’t too expensive).

Ghetto Golf is an indoor mini golf course with a bar. This is such a good activity to do as a group because firstly you do not have to be good at golf, and secondly the alcohol is there to help you cope with being bad at golf. As me and my two friends were the first ones there, we were already a few cocktails down by the time the rest of the group arrived. We split into two teams: Denmark (the four of us that went to Denmark on placement) vs everybody else.

One of the highlights of the game was when Jude hit the ball and completely missed but it went onto the course next to us (where the group in front were playing) and he actually got a hole in one which was pretty bizarre. There’s also a hole where you’ve got to hit the ball into a toilet which a few people struggled with (not naming names).

Overall this was such a good day and a relaxing place to hang out, after we went to Pizza Express and drank a lot of Prosecco. I think our next class adventure is going to be Lane7 in The Cube, which is basically bowling with alcohol (I think there is a theme of activities and alcohol).


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