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Lane7 and Gas Street Social

Lane7 and Gas Street Social

Another night out for FdA Professional Cookery! After a great trip to Ghetto Golf, we decided to try Lane7 in The Cube.

The deal for £20 is a game of bowling, tokens for the arcade, a drinks voucher and a game of shuffleboard or beer pong.

Before going to Lane7, we ate at Gas Street Social in The Mailbox – I would highly recommend this restaurant as all the food and drinks were great with excellent service. I had a Bellini (mmmm delicious) with a flat iron steak, chunky chips (which Nicole forced me to swap for fries), onion rings (another favourite) and peppercorn sauce. (The best peppercorn sauce I’ve ever had was at a restaurant called Marcello’s in Sønderborg, Denmark, and I’ve been looking for a sauce to come close to it since! Although good, it wasn’t Marcello’s level, Denmark probably have a secret ingredient or something). The meal was really great and the decor and atmosphere really nice.

At 10 we headed over to Lane7 and got changed into our bowling shoes. All I can say is bowling was a definite eye opener, everyone knows those sneaky secretly competitive people or the people who can barely throw the ball (I can’t say much when I launch the ball like I’m trying to crack the lane!) After bowling, we played in the arcade where I had an embarrassing attempt at a dance mat, as well as getting competitive at the basketball (used to be in the school netball team, I got this).

My only caution when going to Lane7 would be personally I don’t think it’s very good value for money, considering at Hollywood Bowl it’s around £7 per person whereas at Lane7 it’s £20. You get a lot of tokens for the arcade but most people won’t use all of the tokens so you’re effectively paying for games you wont play. Also the arcade area was quite small and some of the games were broken so on a busy Friday night when everyone is trying to get some games in, you’re probably going to have leftover tokens.

Also the drinks voucher I thought was going to be like Ghetto Golf where there’s a small list of drinks to pick from etc… but at Lane7 the only drinks you can have are beer, lemonade, coke or a house wine. For me I feel like this was a bit of a letdown as I at least expected a signature cocktail or mixer. Most people are going there for an occasion and if they want a drink it’s basically forcing them to buy it and not use their tokens when effectively you’re paying for a drink in the price.

Another observation is beer pong is included in the price but you’re essentially paying for pong. What I mean by this is you have to buy your own beer for the beer pong which I think is a bit cheeky as the price is so high and a large deposit has to be put down at booking. Overall I think it’s a nice place and I completely understand why people want to go there for occasions, but I think it’s very overpriced for what you get.

After bowling we all went to Rosies on Broad Street, which I must say probably has the brightest lights I’ve ever experienced! This was great especially the retro room (gotta love when September comes on), me and Nicole also made friends with an Irish accountant (shout out to Brian) who we ended up semi-adopting for the rest of the evening (it happens a lot). All in all it was a really fun night out with the class (although sadly some had to work) and next time I think we’re heading to Digbeth Dining Club for some street food!


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