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52 Gas Street: New Bar & Eatery Opening!

52 Gas Street: New Bar & Eatery Opening!

The UCBloggers were kindly invited to the press launch of the new bar and eatery 52 Gas Street, located on the canal just off Broad Street, making this the perfect location to pop in for a drink or for some delicious street food!

They are currently holding kitchen takeovers, meaning it houses a different street food vendor every weekend for you to try! Viajero, a South and Latin American street food vendor, started off the lineup on launch night with chicken and pork shoulder tacos, Sao Paulo Pastel (crispy pastry filled with whipped cream cheese) and little pots of maize fried chicken… just to name a few bits on the menu!










It’s a lovely space with great ambience. As you walk in (via the entrance on Gas Street), you have a long walkway leading you to the bar with seating space on the left and a little dance area towards the end of the room where you will also find the food vendors on kitchen takeover nights. The bar staff are chatty and knowledgeable which is helpful if you are as indecisive as me facing a big drinks selection! I left the bar with a beautifully garnished pink gin and tonic… the barman knew I wanted to take some pretty pictures!

What The Cluck (@what_the_cluck on Instagram) hosted last weekend’s takeover, which looked amazing, and Press De Cuba (@PressDeCuba on Instagram) will be hosting this week! 52 Gas Street also show big sporting events – follow @52gasstreet on Instagram to keep updated about all the events and when they happen!

Follow @UCBloggers or @Misffood for more pictures of our visit to the opening night!


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