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My top five best trips in the UK

My top five best trips in the UK

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If you do not know already, from 30 March until 7 April we are celebrating English Tourism Week – and this is not only relevant for tourism students but for anyone who likes travelling. I have written a few posts already about my trips to various places in England, and since this country is as good as others in Europe, of course, I will talk about my top five best trips in the UK to make sure you do explore it as much as possible – believe me when I say there are really beautiful towns around here.

  1. Birmingham – Well, I am a bit biased since I consider Birmingham my second home by now but I often say this: Birmingham is really underrated, and it’s true. It is not a city you go to just for shopping, it is a fun city to live in with lots of different activities to do and places to visit. You could probably dine out every single day and not repeat one restaurant – as Birmingham is so diverse and so multicultural, you can try food from all over the world (Portuguese included) without even leaving the city. If you want to know what you could do in a day out in Birmingham just click here or here. If you want to discover a little bit more about the history of Birmingham I would recommend doing a fun walking tour – find out more by clicking here.
    BT Tower Birmingham
  2. Bristol – My last blog post was all about free things to do in Bristol and I guess you could tell I fell in love with the city. It is peaceful but at the same time, you have so many things you could do. I loved the ‘vibe’ of Bristol and can’t wait to go back and explore more.
    Photo of the harbourside in Bristol
  3. London – I don’t need to say much right? London is London. It’s a vibrant city, you have the posh and the creative neighbourhoods, different cultures, cute and peaceful streets in contrast to the very busy ones. I would say London has it all. The only reason it is not on the top of my list is simply that it’s too busy and a bit too expensive for me. Still, it is worth visiting over and over again – and if you want to visit London on a budget, of course I’ve got you covered: just click here!london on a budget
  4. Stratford-upon-Avon – Oh Stratford, Stratford… such a beautiful place. You can get by now that I am more of a city person, but I love to visit quiet towns like Stratford-upon-Avon. It is so relaxing to sit by the river, hearing street singers, walking around and seeing the pretty architecture – not to mention the crepes and fudge available at the shops – delicious!! It is so close to Birmingham that you could visit for an afternoon and still have a great time. Unfortunately, I haven’t dedicated a whole post to it (yet), but I did mention it in my Exploring Birmingham post.Stratford-Upon-Avon
  5. Warwick – Last but not least, Warwick. It was one of my favourite trips in England, and just like Stratford I found it a very peaceful and pretty place. I loved to wander the streets and come across cute houses, but what everyone should do is go to the Mill Garden, sit there and appreciate the view of the castle and the river. Unlike Stratford, I did write about the day that I spent in Warwick, and you can read it here!

As I said multiple times, there are far more places I want to visit. And in case you are looking for more suggestions, check out my blog post on cheap destinations you can travel to from the UK to Europe and within the UK itself.

Explore and travel as much as possible!


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