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Academic Skills Centre

Academic Skills Centre

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well and have been enjoying the sunny spring weather!

This week I thought I would do a little follow up from my blog post about dyslexia. I spoke a little bit about the Academic Skills Centre and how they helped me, and so this week I thought I would chat a little bit more about their services and how they can help you.

One thing I would like to mention before I start is that you do not need to have a learning difficulty to use them. They are there to help all students across all subjects at any level. So whether you are a first year studying Events Management or a third year studying Specialist Hair and Media Make-up, they are happy to help anyone!

The Academic Skills Centre is based in Summer Row on the 5th floor in the library. If you go to the back of the library you will see a set of stairs and it is just up here. They are open Monday-Thursday 9am-7pm and Friday 9am-4pm for one-to-one appointments or something called drop-in.

Drop-in sessions do not need to be pre-booked, so you can simply turn up and ask to speak to someone using a drop-in session about your assignment. They are usually 30 minute sessions and can be very helpful if you have just been given an assignment you don’t understand or need last-minute reference checks before handing it in.

One-to-one appointments are similar to drop-in sessions in that they also last 30 minutes, however these need to be pre-booked. This can be done at the Academic Skills Centre itself, via phone or you can book via the Portal. Simply follow these steps:

1) Locate the CASE Toolkit on your dashboard

2) Scroll down to where it says ‘book an ASC appointment’

3) Click ‘book now’

4) Select the lecturer who you wish to see

5) Pick a time and date that best suits you

6) Register with your number, email and create a password

7) Click ‘book now’

8) You should receive a confirmation email

If you can’t make it into uni for an appointment, the CASE toolkit is loaded with useful information on how to write assignments, reports, how to reference and so much more!

I have used the Academic Skills Centre for my whole three years at uni to get help understanding assignment briefs, help on how to reference and proofreading my work as I write it. I can’t express how amazing they have been and have helped me so much during my time at UCB. I would definitely recommend making an appointment if you are stuck, and if you do have a learning difficulty then I would strongly suggest booking an appointment to get the support you need throughout your time at UCB.

I hope you have found this helpful and it has given you more of an insight as to what the Academic Skills Centre do and can offer you.

Jessica x

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  • Thanks for telling everyone about the ASC Jessica – a great write up and much better to have a student’s view. Really pleased to know that you’ve found the centre helpful throughout your time at University College Birmingham. That’s what we are here for!

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