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Five items I can’t live without

Five items I can’t live without

Okay, I know… ‘I can’t live without’ seems a bit exaggerated, but the truth is that there are at least five items I always have in my bag now (well except for one, you’ll get why) and I wanted to share them with you. Of course I’ll only be referring to material items because if I were to talk about things I couldn’t live without in general, I would be very cheesy and would talk about my family, friends, love… you know what I mean.

Actually, I think a couple of these would make a great gift in case you are wondering what to surprise your best friend or sibling with.

  1. Mobile phone – This one seems obvious to be honest, who can live without their phones nowadays? To communicate with friends and family, take photos, watch Netflix, even scan documents… I mean the possibilities seem endless and for that reason, my phone is indispensable for me, as I know if I need something quick I can get it through my phone (especially on those lazy Sundays when I’m not in the mood to cook). For students, there are even more benefits on having your mobile phone with you most of the time – you can read books with it, learn a new language and much more. A few weeks ago I wrote a post on must-have apps for students so make sure to check it out.student apps ucbloggers
  2. Earphones – Earphones are basically a complement to the mobile phone, and I have them with me all the time – to hear music on my way to university, while studying or even when travelling. It makes me start the day in a good mood, and because I get nervous when flying they are perfect in blocking the weird sounds of the aircraft, to play music and help me relax. Sometimes instead of hearing music, I opt to watch series, either on the plane or sometimes even in my free time. I use the Apple ones since the sound is really good and for me, the shape is very comfortable, but there are other brands that I like and recommend such as Happy Plugs, which are much more colourful and pretty than the Apple ones.
  3. Lip Balm – Both in the summer and winter my lips are ALWAYS dry, sometimes it is even painful, so I always have lip balm with me. In my case, I use a cheap and functional one: Vaseline. Vaseline is pretty basic and is the only product that has worked for me. I have used others with a fancy package, more expensive, and some that smelled beautiful but unfortunately they were not doing anything. If you suffer from the same ‘problem’ and can’t seem to find a solution I would recommend Vaseline – it is not special but will get the job done.
  4. Water/Coffee Bottle – I used to find myself spending lots of money on plastic water bottles every day at lunch or drinking a lot of coffee from different cafes all the time – that is not good for your wallet or for the planet so I wanted a sustainable solution. I wanted a way to bring my water or coffee from home and just a few weeks ago, my boyfriend actually surprised me with a beautiful Ted Baker Bottle which I use every day and take with me to uni all the time. I’ve probably saved a few pounds already, and because in the morning I’m always late, it’s great to put the coffee in the bottle, take it with me and keep it warm. And for the water, I can always refill it at any time at uni. It is something quite useful that can be used for both cold and hot drinks, so I would totally recommend that you buy one. As I said mine is from Ted Baker, but there are several brands where you can find these with a great range of colours and designs such as Chilly’s Bottles or S’well, for example.
  5. Yankee Candle – And finally, the candles! This is the one that I don’t carry in my bag but always have one at home. I love candles for various reasons: they transmit me a sense of peace, are great for the environment and smell so good I almost want to eat them (sounds ridiculous but I just want you to understand how good the smell is).
    When one is about to finish I run to the store to buy a couple more, and no, I can’t buy them online because I like the idea of going and knowing what scent I’m bringing to my house. I’ve said Yankee Candle because it’s the brand I’ve been using for years, probably since I had my own room back in Portugal. I’ve tried cheaper ones but I feel the scent is not good or strong enough, and the Yankee Candles last for months, the scent keeps great until the end and you will actually be able to smell it even in a bigger room.

That’s it – the five items I can’t live without. I’m sure if you use them or start to do so, you won’t be able to get rid of them as well. I would definitely recommend the bottle or a candle as gifts, but any of them can have that purpose, it really just depends on taste and budget.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this week’s post and keep an eye on our instagram to know about new posts or what we are up to during the week!


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