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What to wear ‘out-out’

What to wear ‘out-out’

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all well and aren’t missing the sun too much.

This week I thought I would share with you some of the outfits I like to wear when going out clubbing or for some cocktails.

Before going to uni one of the things I kept saying to myself was what am I going to wear? I had only gone clubbing twice before going to uni, so I only really had one or two outfits before going. However, since being at uni for the past three years, I have got a few more outfits and more of an idea as to what sort of things people wear ‘out-out’ and more importantly what I feel comfortable in.

My main go-to is black jeans and a nice top but as you will see every now and then I will brave a dress. As you may notice I normally tend to stick to black and occasionally wear a bit of colour (unless it’s a special occasion where you can go all out!). Recently, I have been loving flared trousers and a crop top so I would definitely recommend giving that a go! I always wear heels on a night out, as it makes me feel more dressy and makes me taller of course!

So, without further ado, here is a mix of some outfits I wear when going clubbing (do note I have had to crop group photos so if there is a random third arm, it isn’t mine! And some of these photos were taken from first and second year when I had long hair, so no they are not extensions!

1) Classic black dress and heels









2) Black jeans and a nice top – often cropped or off the shoulder

3) Body suit and skirt (I was lucky and managed to make this outfit look like a dress!)

4) Flared trousers and bandeau (my current favourite!)

5) Those little bit extra outfits

I hope you found this helpful when looking at what sort of things you could wear when hitting the town during freshers and beyond!

Jessica x

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