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UCB Spa – Microneedling Treatment

UCB Spa – Microneedling Treatment

Two weeks ago I won a little competition posted on the UCB Spa’s Instagram account (@ucbspa) for their new microneedling facial treatment. The Spa is located in Richmond House on the ground floor, to the right of the stairs and to the back.

After checking in I waited to be called upstairs into the main spa area located on the first floor. You go into a large room filled with beds that have been separated with curtains and start a short consultation with your beauty therapist about any skin concerns that you may have. My main concerns were signs of ageing and even skin tone, so they adjusted the treatment to use the suitable serums before starting.









After removing my makeup and cleansing my face, they started by agitating the skin using a gauze-like material then, using the tool, ran a load of tiny jabbing needles across my face in circles and crosses. This probably sounds horrific, and although it wasn’t the most relaxing of processes, it’s a lot better than it sounds. The tiny piercings to my face allow the serum to deeply penetrate the skin. And when I say ‘tiny piercings,’ I do mean tiny – there’s little to no blood involved and the process is so quick that any pain involved is over before you know it. The machine has different settings on it so if you do feel pain they’re able to make the pin pricks slower and therefore a little more comfortable.









In the picture above on the left, you can see little specks of blood and redness which is immediately calmed down by the serum, and then the lovely sheet mask that they apply after the treatment. They then apply two after-care products and give you some to go home with and you’re all done.

Altogether the process lasted one hour but the treatment itself probably took around 30-40 minutes. It would normally cost £40 for the treatment but if you follow the UCB Spa they always have offers on where I’ve seen the treatment go for as little as £15! For me however it was free for winning the competition, but definitely give them a follow if you want some amazing deals!!

Find more details about this treatment and loads of other treatments on The Spa’s webpage, or for more pictures follow me @misffood on Instagram!


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