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Summer Body Ready

Summer Body Ready

Hello, hope everyone is enjoying their Easter break! My last post was all about getting creative on an Easter bake, but now I’m going to do a complete 180 to talk about the things I’ll be doing to get into shape for the summer!

First, I’ll start with some bad news… my 3D golden bunny Easter cake was an absolute disaster! I made a malt chocolate cake with malt butter cream and chocolate ganache, which turned out perfectly! It was just the bunny shape which turned into one big mudslide! Obviously the hot weather didn’t help so with a broken spirit on Easter Sunday I whipped up a new cake in two hours before a hot two-hour drive to go visit the family in Essex. So here’s attempt number two…

A little better but not quite what I was hoping for. No doubt next year I’ll come up with something a little crazier!

Anyways, fast forward a week and it’s now time to switch to healthier eating and exercise to get in shape for a summer holiday. I’m in the gym 2/3 times a week, usually in the morning with my favourite being HIIT cardio sessions and leg day! I tend to follow my sessions with a trip to Salcooks in the Jewellery Quarter for my favourite little Portuguese chocolate cake filled with caramel. It’s so good… but I should know better being a nutrition student and what not!

So it’s time to make a change. These are the things I’ll be doing to knock myself into better shape and improve my overall health and wellbeing:

  • PRE-WORKOUT – I never used to use pre-workout until a friend introduced me to it and now it’s my go-to before any gym session! I use Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Pre-Workout in pink lemonade flavour which I believe is around £18-£20 depending on where you buy it from for around 30 servings! The only difference I’ll be making to my normal routine is to reduce my caffeine intake elsewhere to allow my pre-workout to have a bit more impact!

  • UPPER BODY – I HATE WORKING MY UPPER BODY! I have extremely weak arms and, no joke, quite often find myself lifting a bar with no weights attached because it’s too hard! I do realise that I’m going to have to put some work in despite my hatred of the muscle group to improve, so instead of avoiding it I’m going to start with low (or no weight) but increased repetition. I’ll be monitoring closely what weight if any I’m capable of and slowly start to increase it.
  • RECORDING MY WORKOUTS – If you do follow my Instagram stories (@misffood or @mischkefredericks) you’ll have noticed a few of my workouts popping up more frequently! I find that when I’m recording myself I put in a bit more effort, especially when I’m on my last set and struggling, this gives me a little boost! I chuck the recordings on a time-lapse to speed things up and not bore people to death but give this a go, it works!

  • DIET– The ketogenic (keto) diet has made an appearance in some of my sports nutrition lessons where you basically cut out carbs in replacement of healthy fats and proteins. Your body’s first go-to for a source of energy (calories) is carbohydrates so in minimising carbs in your diet, your body will be forced into burning fat! I’m not planning a crazy fat loss, the main aim is to tone up, maybe lose two bags of sugar and gain muscle especially in my upper body! I went crazy on a Tesco order, making sure everything followed my new diet, and honestly, ordering your food in is so much better when it comes to avoiding temptation down the aisles of a supermarket. You type in what you want instead of browsing past the naughty snacks and deals which pull you in!

I’ll be taking some measurements, recording my diet and monitoring my gym workouts to see if there is any improvement and as always I’ll keep you posted on the blog and on our Instagram account @ucbloggers.

Mischke x

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