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Winterbourne House and Garden

Winterbourne House and Garden

Although they are gone now, let’s not forget the fantastic summer-like days that invaded Brum just a couple of weeks ago. Well, good news – looks like we will get some rays of sunshine this week, and I’ve got the perfect plan for you: Winterbourne House and Garden.

I visited just a few weeks ago, and I was pleasantly surprised. The house from the Edwardian era now belongs to the University of Birmingham, but its amazing history dates back to a family who used to live there.

It is easily accessible from the city centre by bus or by Uber, and they also have a student discount.

I would recommend you wander through the gardens and enjoy the beauty and how peaceful it is. If you are into botany then you’ll probably enjoy it even more as they have a diverse collection of plants. Some water features and a Japanese bridge are also included!



You don’t need to follow this exact same order, but I totally recommend to have an afternoon tea next. Because I am not a fan of tea (I can’t drink it at all, sorry tea lovers), I had a hazelnut hot chocolate and the typical scone with jam and butter. Not only the food was delicious, the view was breathtaking as well.

We left the house to the end but we never thought we would enjoy it as much as the gardens. Once you enter the well decorated house, you automatically feel like you are taken a century back. The best thing is that I felt nothing was left unsaid: you have got all the information and history inside the house and I 100% recommend you to read it all.

Do save three to four hours to visit if like me, you like to explore everything and get to know all the history. For the price, I would say it is really worth it.


Not too far away from Winterbourne are the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, which I’m still waiting to visit. In the meantime, there are assignments to hand in, so I guess that visit (and the post blog about it) will have to wait a little longer.


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