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Road trip to the Cotswolds

Road trip to the Cotswolds

During my Easter break, me and my friend Lydia decided to head down to the Cotswolds for a summer’s day out. Now that she can drive (better than I thought actually) we can venture further than taking the dogs for a walk (and yes we do act like an old married couple). I’ve been to various places in the Cotswolds and it’s one of Lydia’s favourite places and where she’d love to live.

One of the really nice things about this part of the country is the fact all the little towns are really close together so it’s possible to visit multiple places in one day. To start the day we headed to Broadway, which is a cute little village with lots of shops and cafes to browse and sit in the sun. It is a super small place and I guess the main high street is pretty much the busiest part, but for a relaxing lifestyle I could totally imagine living somewhere like this.

Once we’d been round the shops in Broadway and eaten cake and been to the old sweet shop, we hopped in the car down to Bourton-on-the-Water. This is also a small village but has a lot more to do as it’s one of the more “tourist areas”. Me and Lids fed the ducks (who seemed not to be very hungry even though I spent £1 on duck food). We headed around the area popping in and out of shops and judging the cake quality through the windows of the bakeries (chef and baker life). Getting ice creams, we headed down to Birdland, a zoo (sort of) for birds.

This was so much fun and my favourite part by far was when a bird pooped all down Lydia when we were watching the penguin feeding. Sums her up to be honest, on a white shirt and everything, typical. After we got the bird poop out of her hair we carried on round and looked at emus, tortoises, flamingos etc…

This was such a fun day out in the sun just to chat and walk around, making the most of summer while it lasts!


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