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Digbeth Dining Club

Digbeth Dining Club

With the final days of the academic year approaching, as part of enrichment for FdA Professional Cookery our lectures arranged for both the Level 4 and 5 classes to go to Digbeth Dining Club for the evening. This was partly because earlier in the year we had a street food-based module and Digbeth Dining Club is the heart of Birmingham street food.

As part of the Birmingham food scene and a bunch of student chefs, maybe one day I’ll be visiting one of my classmates’ street food vendors in the future!

Digbeth Dining Club is in the heart of Digbeth and is a great evening out with friends. There are bars placed all around the venues and street food vendors dotted inside and out. I would heartily recommend a visit for a relaxed night out at the weekend. Although open from 4pm on Thursdays and Fridays and from lunchtime on weekends, the venue gets a great deal busier throughout the evening as the music gets louder and drinking gets harder.

Among all the street food vendors I headed over to Buddha Belly for a bowl of jasmine rice and fried chicken (delicious but very spicy). Then me and Liv headed to the brownie bar for honeycomb brownies while stopping to top up our gin and tonics (not too many, it’s a uni event, guys!). The atmosphere is amazing with music and lights and a relaxed feeling with plenty of different areas to explore. Into the evening various parties of the group ventured to different drinking locations but sadly, being a real life adult, I went home as I had work in the morning (sensible I know, even I’m shocked).

This was a lovely end to my first academic year on FdA Professional Cookery, and we are all looking forward to next year, even if that does mean more referencing!


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