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What’s in my handbag!

What’s in my handbag!

For the past few weeks I’ve been walking around with a holdall juggling work, uni, gym and social life. Everything you could possibly think of was in that bag but now, with assignments in and life calming down, I’ve switched to a handbag and reduced the bits I carry around with me to the things I always seem to need!

1 – Umbrella

I don’t understand people who don’t carry an umbrella… This is ENGLAND!! Never trust the weather and always carry an umbrella!

2 – Sunglasses

Being relatively anti-social, I like to throw my sunnies on even when it’s not sunny, usually for my ‘roll out of bed’ gym sessions where I only have one eye open.

3 – Purse

I have two but this little one seems to be the most handy as I only chuck a few cards in there and some coins!

4 – Keys

5 – Water bottle

I’ve mentioned water in previous posts. I always have a water bottle on me (usually my reusable one, which is currently in the sink and not very photogenic) but I try to get through 2 litres a day if not more!

6 – Headphones

I have two sets but have learnt to always have these on me in case my gym ones lose charge!

7 – Make-up bag

This usually consists of lipstick, powder, eyebrow pencil, eye liner and mascara.

I try not to let everything build up in this handbag so stick to the minimum of just what I need, but I seem to have a weekly clear out of receipts, books and other useless bits!

I also have my little bag which usually only has my keys, purse and make-up for when I’m doing a quick run around town!


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