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5 non-English speaking series you must watch

5 non-English speaking series you must watch

The summer is here, and that screams sun, travelling and beer gardens! But still, sometimes we just feel like staying home in our pyjamas all day, including me.

One of my favourite plans all year round is to watch Netflix from dawn to dusk, and it feels good to be lazy sometimes.

This is not my first time telling you about my love for Netflix – I wrote my ‘Ultimate Binge-Watching List’ just a couple of months ago. I’ve done my research (i.e. watched lots of series in the last few weeks) and I’ve got a brand-new list for you: 5 non-English speaking series you must watch.

(Disclaimer: The order is completely random!)

1. Le Chalet

Let’s start with a French one. If you enjoy thriller and mystery this one’s for you. Family and friends get back together after years without seeing each other in a renovated chalet in a small town near the Alps. As people start to disappear some secrets will begin to be revealed.

2. Quicksand

Another thriller, this time Swedish. After a shooting in a wealthy suburban school, Maja Norberg, a teen who always had a good life, finds herself on trial for murder.

The series will keep showing flashbacks so the viewers can understand what led to the tragedy.

3. Dogs of Berlin

Probably one of my favourites in this list. The name says it all: it’s German. I was completely addicted and I’m hoping they do a second season.

It tells the story of two very different police detectives as they fight the crime in Berlin in a very peculiar way. The plot is amazing and I love that they touch on sensitive topics such as immigration, racism, corruption and much more, and they do it perfectly. A must-watch.

4. Suburra

I really loved this one as well, and good news: it has at least 2 seasons, so you have a lot to watch.

Suburra is filmed in Italy, and it’s about a fight over land in Rome which leads to a deadly battle between organised crime, corrupt politicians and the Vatican.

5. Falsa Identidad (Fake Identity)

Last but not least, the only one that is not filmed in Europe and also the only one which is not a thriller.

Falsa Identidad is a Mexican drama, where two people that do not know each other have to run away together to save their lives. One is running away from a drug cartel and another from a violent husband. In the meantime, there are many twists that make up an interesting plot.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the suggestions and definitely try and watch some of these series. Maybe you’ll end up learning some words in a different language as I did.


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