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Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

Hi everyone!

This week has been an interesting one for me as I start to look more into my next journey of getting a job after finishing university. One crucial stage in this chapter is interviews and that is what I wanted to talk to you about today. I am going to be sharing with you how I prepare for an interview and hopefully it will help some of you who may be doing the same thing.

CV and cover letter

Before going to an interview, you have to submit a CV and a cover letter showing your qualifications, experience, past jobs and a little information about you. This should also have your contact details on, such as telephone number and email address.

I always advise bringing a copy of these with you just in case they need another copy or so you can read through it with them.


After finishing uni, the last thing you want to do is more research. But trust me, this could really benefit you when it comes to acing the interview! I always like to try and research a little bit about the company I am applying for. I try to research their values, mission or vision statements along with what type of service they provide. By doing this, you can get a sense of what type of employee they are looking for and what they would expect from you if you are successful.


Not many people think it is important, however I believe first impression is key and the first thing employers will see is how you present yourself. How casual you can be depends on the job, however I don’t see anything wrong with making a good first impression and going smart. I often opt for the classic black trousers and white blouse with neutral makeup and neat hair. I recommend looking in New Look for some smart interview outfits as you can get student discount there too!


You can never really know what questions you will be asked during your interview. But that doesn’t mean you can’t guess and prepare for a few. The classic ones I always try and roughly planĀ are strengths and weaknesses. I also like to try and think of some questions I can ask them as there is often the chance to do this at the end of your interview.

Getting thereĀ 

I always try to leave plenty of time (if not more) to get to the place of the interview and to avoid being late. I would recommend looking up the route beforehand to familiarise yourself with how to get there.

I hope you found this helpful and can use some of these tips if you are preparing for an interview. It is also handy to note that the hired@UCB team can also help you prepare for looking for work, from helping to write a CV to practising interviews.

Jessica x

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