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The End of Second Year!

The End of Second Year!

My second year has come to an end so I’m ready to start planning for summer! I’ve whacked the calendar out to start pencilling in some bits that I’d like to do with my time off before heading into my final year of university.

Food Festivals

The Independent Birmingham Festival was the start of my food festival obsession! This little fest took place at The Bond in Digbeth and was a wonderful celebration of the independents of Birmingham! It showcased street food, cocktails, wine and live music… AND it was dog friendly so I brought my pooch along!

Last week I attended the Coffee Festival for the second year in a row down at The Custard Factory in Digbeth! It’s a great little festival full of everything a coffee lover would want! Coffee, cakes, live music, cocktails… the list goes on! I’ll also be attending the ‘Foodies Festival’ in Cannon Hill Park next weekend, so I’m hoping for some sunshine as it was such a great vibe last year in the sun!

A snap from the Coffee Festival in The Custard Factory, Digbeth


Last year I enjoyed some fine dining from Nocturnal Animals, Opheem and Simpsons and this year I’d very much like the list to grow, being a self-declared foodie! My summer food hit list includes Adams, The Wilderness, The Oyster Club and Carters of Moseley! I’d also like to visit Digbeth Dining Club again as I haven’t been since last year and I think there will be a lot more eating around London too!

Snaps from a wonderful tasting menu at Nocturnal Animals last year!











Self Care

I’ve been working A LOT and don’t find enough time for myself… I’m literally always tired at the moment as I have no routine but I’d very much like to take the time to get myself feeling good again, and by good I mean motivated, full of energy and confident!

So over summer I’ll be going to the gym 4/5 times a week – even for just a 30min class – drinking two litres of water every day and making sure that I’m in bed by 10pm (just after Love Island finishes). This will hopefully boost my energy alongside a nice balanced diet with a little less cake!

Next I want alllll the beauty treatments! My hair needs a little boost of life, so I’ll be booking in for balayage highlights again sometime soon, I’d quite like some lashes too just to minimise the time it takes to get ready for my early mornings and I’d really like a skin peel. I just missed the deals that were on at the University spa¬†–¬†they do bargain facials while training up the beauty students, so I may wait for the new academic year to start before I go for a peel!

Lastly I want to make sure I’m reading up for my dissertation and getting a head start into my chosen topic. I think this will reduce any anxiety I have of underachieving in my final year and calm my mind a little!

Snap of my previous super blonde balayage before I went back to boring brunette again! Time to get my blondie locks back!

Last summer was a great time for me as I seemed to accept any opportunity thrown at me, had lots of rest and focused on nutrition and my degree! By doing the same (if not better) I hope to be having a wonderful summer again!

Follow my food page @MisFFood to catch up with all my latest feasts and my personal account @Mischkefredericks to see just how my summer pans out!



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