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Rain in summer, shopping helps

Rain in summer, shopping helps

This week I’m going to keep my blog post short and sweet – I’ve worked 48 hours this week in the kitchen and I’m trying to pack to move out from The Maltings as well as get ready for my trip to Berlin! Also, the weather right now is pretty depressing (hence my picture of the rain), so most of my free time is being spent wanderlusting for sunnier days.

With two holidays coming up (Berlin and Malta!) I am very much in the mindset for a new summer wardrobe! Obviously I’m not going to be listing New Look, Zara and Topshop as a Bullring trip is obvious as you head off on your travels.

But here are some of my online shopping saviours:

  • Missguided – The mother of online shopping, I could get lost on here for hours and hours. I’ve ordered some really great dresses in the past from Missguided and I think the aid of the shop in Selfridges highlights the quality of their products even more. I really like the ‘shop by trend’ section on the menu and this is where I find a lot of my clothes as everything is labled by category such as neon, animal print and satin.
  • PrettyLittleThing – Much like Missguided there is a plethora of options and I’ve got a couple of really cute outfits from here but sometimes the quality differs. I am however optimistic and have had varied products from here so I guess it’s just a case of luck and doing your research.
  • Boohoo – The original online shop goddess! Boohoo takes me back to being 14 and trying to figure out what to wear to a house party! Great for basics at a good price in my opinion.
  • ASOS – A great selection and usually always good quality, the features of the app make it hard to save favourites and make a basket unless you have an account which I don’t like. However, I really like the dress and shoe selection. It’s also a great place to look for boots!
  • MissPap – Modern and usually advertised by Love Island alumni or social media influencers, MissPap is great for the latest looks. Always one to check for the latest trends!
  • Shein – So this has to be my new favourite as I’ve just ordered a few holiday bits and bobs. The best thing I ordered from Shein was 100% the swimwear, both things I ordered I loved and were great quality – although I’m annoyed that Amy from Love Island and me have the same bikini! For me this is a great place to get some summer essentials especially for sipping cocktails by the pool (and yes, cocktails do feature highly in my life).
  • Amazon – Although not an obvious clothes choice, when I’ve been looking for something very specific Amazon is surprisingly helpful especially for accessories, make up etc… don’t discount it guys!

So I hope you beat the rainy day blues and find comfort from being inside window shopping on your phone like me!!


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