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Berlin – Part 1

Berlin – Part 1

So this week I was in Germany! Specifically Berlin, with a few uni friends for a bit of sightseeing!

Because we did so much in Berlin I’m splitting this trip into a Part 1 and Part 2 as there is so much to do in this amazing city!

So to start, this trip got off to a rocky start as I got some fundamental things wrong from the get go. Firstly, I thought we were going on Thursday, not Wednesday, which meant I had no clue whatsoever I was supposed to be on a flight in a matter of hours (I wasn’t packed and was lying on my sofa in pyjamas). The only reason I didn’t miss my flight was because I phoned my friend about baggage and she was like ‘aren’t you getting here soon?’ Absolute mess of an evening but so worth it for an extra day of sunshine!

When I finally got to the airport (and was frisked for the first time ever) we headed to Frankfurt for our connecting flight. Unbeknown to us flights were delayed, meaning we reached our Berlin apartment a few hours later (to the anger of our landlord person).

Upon navigating buses and U-Bahns, we arrived at our apartment for the weekend and all I can say was I wasn’t optimistic as we climbed rickety-looking stairs up to the top floor. However, to my shock and relief the apartment was clean, airy and completely adequate for our city break stay.

With no sleep, we had no time to lose as we headed to Alexanderplatz for dinner at Vapiano, which seems to be a chain over in Germany – an all-you-can-eat style with a cashless, credit card system. We had to ask for assistance from the bar man on where to start as we were utterly confused about the logistics of ordering at this restaurant. The food was cooked right in front of you and beepers were given to those with longer wait times (so much like Wagamama – no one has their food at the same time).

After dinner, we went to see the Neptune Fountain, an iconic landmark, and soak in the rays as we looked up at the Fernsehturm. Overwhelmed by the heat (very different to England right now, but I’ve heard there’s going to be a heatwave!) we headed on a boat trip down the Spree river, then chilled out on deck chairs in the riverside park.

The next morning we were up and out early as I had a list of sights I wanted to visit, first on my list being Brandenburg Gate! As synonymous with Berlin as Bratwurst, I couldn’t wait to tick this landmark off my list. Much bigger and striking in the flesh, this is a stunning part of the city. Walking under the gate and following round we reached the Reichstag building, built in 1884. It’s an important part of politics in Germany with embassies for various counties located a matter of minutes away.

Heading over to Victory Column was such a great next stop, as you can climb to the top of the structure (100% when I realised how unfit I am) up the many, many, many, many stairs. Looking out over the Tiergarten park and the rest of Berlin is breathtaking as a metropolitan scene.

The next sight is somewhere I really wanted to go when I was planning my trip, Charlottenburg Palace – huge, stunning and spectacular. Without even mentioning the building (hoping it’s going to be my future home) the gardens are so beautiful I could have got lost in them for hours!

Next time: More about Berlin and why you should visit!



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