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What to wear in Ibiza

What to wear in Ibiza

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunny weather we are having.

Last week I went on a girl’s holiday to Ibiza to celebrate finishing university and OMG it was amazing! The weather was beautiful, events were amazing and drinks were flowing!

I had never been to Ibiza or anywhere like that (apart from tour in first year) so I had no idea what to expect or more importantly what to wear. So I asked some friends that had been before and got the vibe that it was wear whatever you want! I decided to go comfy casual with a few jazzy items here and there. This week I thought I would share with you some of the outfits I wore while in Ibiza.

One of the first outfits I wore was black denim shorts (which I had before), this multicoloured jazzy top from Primark and some white Converse look-a-likes from New Look. I absolutely loved this outfit for it was comfy, especially in the trainers yet still looked nice with the jazzy top. It was also affordable with the top coming from Primark and wearing look-a-like Converse instead of ruining my real ones.

Another outfit I wore was the same black denim shorts and Converse, but this time I paired it with a multicoloured top that had a black leopard print on it. You may not think it from looking at the picture, but this is actually a swimming costume I found in Tesco! As soon as I saw the multicoloured design and leopard print, it knew this was an Ibiza must. I wasn’t sure I liked it for wearing in the pool, but then I thought why not wear it as a bodysuit and it worked perfectly! It was affordable with it coming from Tesco, comfy and very Ibiza vibes.

I also loved going out in a pair of shorts, either my black ones or blue denim with a t-shirt simply tied in a knot with a bit of glitter on my face and this again was comfy and affordable.

When going to a glitter party, sparkles are a must! So, I managed to find some glittery black cycling shorts which I paired with a black bandeau and a pink sparkly fanny pack I found in Tesco. Paired with my white Converse and lots of glitter, it was perfect!

My all time favourite outfit to go out in was this frilly playsuit from PrettyLittleThing. This was probably the most expensive thing I bought to wear out in Ibiza, but it was so worth it! Paired with my white Converse, it was such a fun outfit to wear and I can’t wait to wear it again to a festival or something.

I hope you found this blog interesting and it has helped you with some outfit ideas for if you are going to Ibiza.

Jessica x

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