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The Wilderness

The Wilderness

Hello! So I know that at the end of my last post I said I’d be taking you through some more of my summer, but when I was flicking through my pictures I realised I had so many from my dinner at The Wilderness that I would have to devote a whole post to it!

The restaurant is tiny and narrow with the kitchen lit up at the end exposing all the talented chefs hard at work! We attended the restaurant on a Thursday evening and had reservations for two at 8pm. The restaurant wasn’t fully booked which set a calmer vibe for us to just chill out in this casual fine dining eatery, listen to the rock music playing in the background, watch the chefs and enjoy our dinner!

We opted for the 10 courses (the amuse-bouches were 3 different bites that came out one after the other, so really 13 courses in total) which came to £100pp, but there is another option at £75pp.

1st course(s) – Lamb Sweetbread Boa, Mackerel Taco and Yuk Sung Bun

I’ve been dying for a good sweetbread and this one did not disappoint! The mackerel taco wasn’t for me as I’m a little odd with soft textures, but the Yuk Sung Bun was delicious!









2nd course – Big Mac

Think Big Mac and then think of the exact opposite… it was a beef tartare. Although beef tartare is not my favourite texture, I definitely appreciated the taste with the little cheese tuile being my saviour!

3rd course – Smoked Eel, Heritage Tomato, Taramasalata and Linseed

The eel was cooked perfectly and paired really well with the taramasalata (which was possibly the best I’ve ever had) and the linseed cracker provided the texture! Lovely dish!

4th course – Scallop Satay

Beautifully cooked scallops with little crunches of candied nuts and a satay sauce! A very light and delicate dish, well cooked and well seasoned – a running theme throughout all the courses!

5th course – Thai Green Chicken

A vibrant dish when presented to the table, with a delicious piece of chicken right in the middle that I really wish was bigger!

6th course – Quail

One of my favourite savoury dishes from the menu! The quail was so lightly spiced and complemented with the tangy sauce, sweet chutney and little puffs to give you texture! Another winner on the dish was the little quail stuffed samosa! Yum.

7th course – Lamb, Asparagus, Miso

This meat was to die for… soft, PERFECTLY seasoned and beautifully flavoured. If you only get to try one thing on the menu, make it this!

8th course – Milk and Cookies

Such a perfect way to start off the sweets… an unsuspecting savoury ingredient makes its way into this little number, making for another well balanced dish!

9th course – Caramelised Miso Tart, Blood Orange, Marigold

My favourite course on the menu. The caramelised miso tart element blew me away. It was a flavour I’ve never tasted before but I wanted to hold onto it for as long as possible! It was just the right balance of sweetness, savoury, tart, creamy… it was so, so good!

10th course – ‘Oh B*****ks’

Ending on a rock and roll high, this dessert is a play on a dropped ice cream! You’d expect the last dessert to be tiny but this one was massive and I am not complaining, but if this wasn’t enough we got little skull shaped chocolates to end!

I also managed to squeeze in two cocktails, and I’m not even really a cocktail drinker but these guys really know their stuff! Out of the aperol/gin-based one and the whisky-based one, I would go for the whisky incorporating white chocolate which I’ve never tasted before in such a classic cocktail!

For more pictures and food experiences head to my Instagram pages @mischkefredericks and @misffood

– Mischke

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