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Last bloggers post – Becky

Last bloggers post – Becky

So, it’s finally here! After two years, I am saying my farewell to being a UCB blogger! This also marks my third year of being a UCB student, which is such madness!! Over the last two years, I’ve written posts about Birmingham, education, college life, uni life and much more.

For this last post, I’m going to highlight some of my favourite posts, as well as some of the memorable moments  I’ve written about in the last two years.

So much has happened in the last two years – theatre trips, birthdays, holidays, placements and trips here, there and everywhere. This, as my final post, will be a recap on my UCB blogging time.






So, here are the links to some of my favourite blogs over the last two years. On turning 18 years old and now 19, I’ve been able to do so much and learn so much being at UCB.

It’s been a pleasure being a UCB blogger and I hope this year brings brilliant things for the new bloggers, as well as my fellow bloggers, Maria, Jess and Mischke.


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