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Goodbye UCBloggers, hello final year

Goodbye UCBloggers, hello final year

So this is it… my last post ever on the blog!

It’s been an amazing experience to be able to write for all of you, to tell you about my experience at uni and also why Birmingham is such an incredible place to study and live. In one year a lot has changed – I have got my first ‘real’ house, I started working in my chosen industry doing something that I love (making me realise what I would like to be in the future), and last but not least, I can finally do the laundry without asking my mum what colours can go together and at what temperature!! (I think this is quite an achievement, to be honest!)

Well, in regards to the future… I am super excited about my last year but I must admit I am also a bit sad – not because I’ll have to write a 10,000-word dissertation, but because I don’t want this amazing experience to finish – the classes, the learning, the lunchtimes with friends at uni or even studying. I feel like it has passed so fast!

Just like I was in my first year, I am going into my third scared as well, although for different reasons.

When coming into uni for the first time, I was scared I wasn’t going to find friends I truly identified with or that I wouldn’t enjoy my course. But two years later I am scared about notĀ “taking full advantage” of uni and its resourcesĀ and even my grades. Until now I’ve been having first-class degree grades, but I am so, so scared I won’t be able to achieve those grades in the final year and might graduate with less than a first – don’t get me wrong, this is always a good achievement, but it would be utterly frustrating to come so far with these grades and not get them in the most important year.

University can and will be scary for everyone, I believe, for different reasons – I guess we just have to enjoy it to the fullest and realise that graduating will always be an incredible achievement and we should be proud of ourselves.

All in all, I just hope I have an amazing third year of uni and that all of you enjoy your academic year as well as the posts from the new UCBloggers!

For the last time: Beijinho,