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Summer work

Summer work

Hey everyone!

We are halfway through the summer holidays and three months into my work placement, so I thought I would show you some amazing places I have been to recently.

At the beginning of summer I started my UCB work placement with Caviar & Chips, and even though this may look like I have no time to travel, this placement is a great opportunity for me to see new places.

Just to fill you in, Caviar & Chips is an award-winning catering company which provides services for weddings, corporate and other private events, creating bespoke menus for our clients – literally anything they could want. We go wherever we are needed, from farms to stately homes, setting up everything from an on-site kitchen to our famous Gin Piano Bar with cocktails and mixers.

During the week I work in Sutton Coldfield preparing everything needed for any events we may have. August is the busiest time of the year for us – last week we catered for four weddings and even a music festival for 5,000 people (Rock the Beacon).

You can find more about Caviar & Chips here.

1.  Warwick

The most amazing place I have visited recently was definitely Warwick. We have a partner venue there called The Court House which is a famous residence for meetings of the mayor of Warwick (I haven’t met him yet though!)

For those of you who do not know Warwick, it is a historic town 20 minutes away by train from Moor Street Station. This town has its own historical charm, and it is famous for Warwick Castle. You can enjoy walks around the town centre, vintage stores, cosy cafés, and of course tour the castle.

The price of the tour is around £15 per person, but it is definitely worth your money. During summer you can book tickets for the Dragon Slayer show at the castle, which I have heard is pretty cool. If you prefer other types of entertainment, Warwick organises lots of festivals like beer, folk, Thai or literary festivals. So pack your backpack and go!

















2. Bridgnorth

Recently I had the opportunity to drive through Bridgnorth, a town in Shropshire where we catered for an amazing garden marquee wedding. Unfortunately I didn’t get to take any photos because I was driving, but it was still a great sight to behold. The town is divided by the River Severn and has charming architecture – its spectacular setting has been compared in the past to old Jerusalem or even Gibraltar, and quite a few locals take advantage of the river to do some fishing. I will definitely visit this town later on… when I’m not working.

One of the biggest attractions for tourists is the Bridgnorth Castle Hill Railway, taking you from the High Town to Low Town in a brief amount of time. For a cheap fare you will get to see some great river views from it.

I look forward to sharing more of my experiences with you – come back next week for more.


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