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First Year’s Educational Trip to Cyprus

First Year’s Educational Trip to Cyprus

Educational Visit to Cyprus

Hello, if you’re thinking about going to University, I highly recommend coming to UCB! I am coming towards the end of my first year and am pleased to share my experience with you. I enrolled in September and by February 2019 I found myself on my first overseas educational visit to Cyprus! I was so excited to be going abroad with my amazing new friends and also to be venturing on a professional educational trip. I really felt like things couldn’t get better! I am on the perfect course for my career ambitions and things are only just getting interesting! At 1 am I arrived at university to board the coach to the airport. I was feeling very nervous but also so excited! Approaching Cyprus, I had the most stunning view from the plane window. To top this off, we checked into a 4-star hotel with rooms which had balcony views of the beach. The first thing I did was face time my family to show them I arrived safely and was in a beautiful, safe hotel.

Next, I was preparing for a busy day ahead. We were told to dress smart as we were going to Larnaca airport for a meeting with the Operations Managers. They taught us a lot of interesting things which were also applicable to our assignments. I approached the managers and asked them if it was okay to follow them on LinkedIn, just in case I want to contact them in the future regarding careers! They were very friendly and helpful people

Not only did we visit the airport, but we also visited aviation engineering schools and cabin crew training centres to give us an insight into the broad career opportunities.

We then visited the Troodos Mountains which first involved driving through the windy roads of the mountains to reach the top. When we reached the top, we walked around the wonderful Kykkos Monastery and had free time to purchase from the local shops. I decided to buy some tasty spaghetti which I ate in front of the lovely log fire, I then took some photos of the amazing views and walked up the mountain with my friends.


In our other free time, I and my friends decided to get a taxi to Larnaca Town where we visited a famous Mosque which was located in the middle of the Salt Lake. The Salt Lake was filled with bright pink flamingos and the grounds of the Mosque had hundreds of cats. It was the first Mosque I’ve visited and most certainly more beautiful than I ever imagined. We also went to the beach and went shopping.

Every morning and night, my roommate and I went to the beach which the hotel was located on. It was a really lovely way to start and end each day of the trip.

I can’t explain how great the visit to Cyprus was. I was lucky enough to go with the kindest, most fun people. My room-mate is now my best friend and I am so so glad I joined UCB in September!

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