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My UCB experience

My UCB experience

Hello, hello, hello!

I hope you are well. Today I would like to tell you my experience as a UCB student and in this way get you to know me better.

I will start from the very beginning. I began my research on universities that were located in a large city with a bigger community other than the one in Gibraltar, so that I could challenge myself. I knew that I am a very shy person, but I believed that by going to Birmingham, I could overcome my weakness and become more independent.

When searching for the university course on UCAS, I came across the┬ácourse at University College Birmingham, which captivated me immediately. I felt like I had finally found the perfect fit for me called BA Childhood Studies. Information on the website was clear and convincing, so I decided to carry on my research, and I found out that UCB’s student accommodation is located right in the very convenient city centre, especially if you are a student from a different country. After requesting the quote, I learned that the deposit is very affordable, and rent can be paid in weekly or monthly instalments.

I was very excited about the outcome of my research because UCB seemed to tick all my boxes. I finally decided to plan a visit for a university open day with my parents (which I truly recommend if you have the opportunity). It was a 3-day adventure that took place last year, and it was snowing a lot. I have lived all my life surrounded by the sea, and I had never experienced mornings full of snow. I must say that the fact I visited Birmingham in such condition made me fall in love with Birmingham’s beauty even more.

While I was delighted about the weather conditions in Birmingham, UCB announced that due to the snow the open day had to be cancelled, and I was afraid that the whole trip would be for nothing. However, when the Marketing team found out that I came from Gibraltar, they decided to organise a private tour around the university just for my parents and I. It was a fantastic experience during which I was able to ask as many questions as I wanted. My guide waited for my arrival, which made me feel even more special, and the tour itself was very bespoke and well organised. I felt that they really value international students.

The whole experience blew all my concerns away and made me feel very confident about the decision I was about to make. I felt that UCB should be my first choice. After that day, I said to my parents: “I wish they will accept me so that we can come back in September”.

“A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work” – Colin Powell




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