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Highest Pressure Opportunity

Hello, hello, hello everyone!!!  I hope you are having a good summer and you are looking forward to starting uni.

Have you ever experienced a pressure opportunity? If not, what would be the highest pressure opportunity you would like to experience?

Today I want to share with you my highest pressure opportunity that happened a week ago. It consisted of attending a birthday party of a two-year-old boy, entertaining the children and face painting them. My first thought was ‘Rocio, come on, this is too much, you need to have more experience to paint children’s faces and organise activities’. These are fears that we all need to face. However, you always need to find the courage to confront them to be able to progress and reach your goals.

Since I was 10 I’ve always organised activities for children in family parties. Even though I took the job seriously, for others, it just looked like I was only playing with young children. This time I had the perfect opportunity to show my abilities when it comes to working with toddlers.

I went with one of my cousins – she is 18 years old and she also has experience working with younger ones. We spent 6 hours at the birthday, and we enjoyed it so much that it seemed we only spent 10 minutes. In the beginning, when we arrived, the children didn’t want to paint themselves, or even listen to us; they were ignoring us for half an hour. However, shortly after, one of the younger children came, and all the rest followed immediately.

In the meantime while my cousin was finishing a face, I took out some blue and pink homemade playdough. The children loved the texture. Subsequently, I made some balloon animals like dogs, giraffes and some swords.  Then I inflated some normal balloons to play, keeping them up in the air. In the meantime, I got the chairs ready to play Pass the Parcel using a gift wrapped four times. We also played musical chairs in a small park that was in the garden. The parents and children enjoyed their day so much that each time we were putting some things away, the children were asking if we were leaving so soon.

For me, it’s always a pleasure to help children play and enjoy their childhood, and the thing I love the most is seeing them smile without worries.

“Our most significant opportunities will be found in times of greatest challenge”- Thomas S. Monson.


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