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UCB Freshers 2019

UCB Freshers 2019

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a good start to September and are all sorted with your accommodation. There is a lot in store for you all this month.

The UCB Guild along with Naughty Horse have organised Freshers 2019, with events going on until the 27th so you will have more than enough recovery time to start your classes fresh and ready!

If this is your first year here in Birmingham and you have the time, I recommend you give Freshers a go. You can get a wristband for all the events for £45, which works out at less than £4 for each event. You will get to know other students from UCB as well as from other universities, but also get to know the venues here in Birmingham, such as Walkabout, Rosies (my go-to club in Broad Street, when I don’t go to Digbeth instead), Individual, The Mill (one of my favourites), Amusement 13 and Popworld.

Freshers has already kicked off with the open party at Walkabout last night, a great start to Freshers! It was a very fun night, time just flew by and let me tell you, drinks were at a pretty good price, there were even some t-shirt giveaways going on which I managed to get my hands on somehow through the night.

Get yourself a wristband before they run out, or check out the tickets and jump in to the Uni nightlife this month! You will definitely see me around Freshers on some of my days off, including tonight at Rosies!

Have a great week everyone!


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