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Language Opportunities

Language Opportunities

Hello! Ciao! Konnichiwa!

Have you ever wanted to learn another language? Do you already speak several languages and understand how valuable it is? Would you like to increase your employability opportunities? Would you like to be able to understand what your bilingual friends talk about? Or would you just like to learn a few phrases to get by when on holiday?

SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES arise from having the ability to speak other languages!!

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There are several avenues you could take to learning a new language. I currently study Aviation and Airport Management at UCB and as part of my course, I studied Italian. Previously I studied Spanish at school.

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There is the option to go to Birmingham Library and study a vast variety of different languages. However, there is a price for learning languages at the library. I enquired about classes to learn Spanish and they quoted me approximately £120 for a block of lessons. You can find a full list of courses offered (including non-language courses) along with the price list here.

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I am learning Punjabi at the moment as my boyfriend speaks it and I’d love to be able to join in with the family conversations/banter! I have picked up this language throughout the years of hearing it repeatedly. To strengthen my proficiency I attend lessons at the Gurdwara (the Temple). First, they taught me the Gurmukhi (alphabet) and soon they will teach me to read the language and construct sentences. I am actually really excited about learning this language and hope one day I will become fluent in it.

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Just remember if you are learning a language, it requires repetition and regular exposure to the language. I can back this up with my experience: I studied Spanish at high school but can only remember bits of Spanish if I go to Spain and recap what I was taught. I had no intention of learning Punjabi before I met my boyfriend, yet as I hear the language every single day I am currently able to speak more Punjabi than Spanish.

Learning languages is great, just make sure you keep up to scratch and practise, practise, practise!

Also, a little tip – NEVER RELY on Google translate to be accurate!

I hope you learn a new language, especially if you study at UCB!

Adios Amigos!

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