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Healthy Body…Healthy Mind…Healthy Student!

Healthy Body…Healthy Mind…Healthy Student!

Hey everyone and welcome to university! I hope you’re settling in well and if your course hasn’t officially started yet, I hope that you’re getting on OK with uni preparations.

So you can probably tell from some of my previous blogs that I enjoy health and wellbeing type topics. I don’t know how you feel but I think when it comes to taking care of yourself, there should be no question about whether or not it’s a priority. It absolutely should be!

As a student, self-care is just as important as studying, taking exams, making friends, managing your expenses, maintaining some form of social life and adding to your list of personal and professional achievements.

You might agree that a typical student schedule can look very hectic so it’s important to take five minutes away from your rigid routine – time out for yourself, whatever that looks like to you.

Stay Active

I mentioned in an earlier post that one of my favourite midweek workout go-tos is a good Zumba session. OK, I haven’t been in a few weeks but trust me, I realise how important exercise is. I love to dance so this is a perfect workout choice for me and if I miss a session, I stay active by taking walks in nearby parks. You see, the gym isn’t really my thing, so I have a healthy alternative.

One thing that I’ve found is that I have to be realistic about my workout routine, putting time aside to achieve those fitness goals and working things out around my study – it’s all about having a good balance. Personally, exercise helps to build my self-esteem, self-confidence and helps maintain a good mental state, plus a good workout can just be so much fun.


By the way, did you enjoy my blog about how important sleep is for us students? Let’s talk for just a second about sleeping to maintain a healthy lifestyle, though I have a feeling that for some people, sleeping in won’t be too much of a problem. Believe me when I say that the snooze button used to be my best friend, ‘just five more minutes’ I’d tell myself, until I learned that going to bed just a little bit earlier helps me to combat those early morning blues. (I’m still not a morning person however! hehee)

If at some point throughout this academic year, you find yourself catching up on sleep in class or even missing class to catch up on sleep, you may need to adjust your sleep pattern!

Oh, and let’s not forget to remove those bad bedtime habits and late night distractions, like watching the TV until the midnight hour, taking your phone to bed and scrolling through Instagram, responding to every message and notification that comes through on your phone. I’ve done it so I know that it can rob you of good rest!

Eat well

If you’re new to the city, it might take some time to find your way around, but one thing that you must try to find out is where to find your local supermarkets. In fact, the Birmingham Bull Ring Market is great for food shopping, and if you’re super organised and preparing a few homemade meals for the weeks ahead, you’ll save a lot of money and get fresh food at good value. I sometimes take a trip to the market on a Saturday morning. For me, I find that it’s the best time to go, I get my food shopping out of the way and still have enough of my day to enjoy – might see you there?

Remember, self-care is vital for this student life. I hope you’ve enjoyed some of my top tips. Thanks for reading!


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  • So many fab tips here that are just as important to remind returners as for freshers to take on board! Uni is such a crazy time it can be so easy to get caught up in everything and forget to look after yourself properly – I completely agree it is so important to make sure you are getting enough rest at (roughly) the right times of day to really make the most of everything uni throws at you.

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