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Food is Life

Food is Life

Hey guys. This week I thought I’d share my secrets to cooking as a uni student. As an aspiring chef, I’ll even throw in a recipe at the bottom.

For the freshers, this may give you some insight to meal budgeting and reducing instant meals.

There are a lot of grocery shopping places around. Fresh produce and meats/seafood from the Bullring Markets, Tesco superstore is a 15 minute walk from Cambrian Hall, or if you stay in The Maltings, Morrisons is just by Five Ways.

If you prefer a walk to the city centre, the Bullring Outdoor Market provides fruits and vegetables mostly sold in bowls for about £1 each. In the late afternoon (from 3pm), they usually become cheaper, 2 bowls for £1.50, or 3 for £2. The Indoor Market has similar offers as well, usually offers such as six chicken breasts for £5. There is even a frozen food store where you can stock up on the frozen essentials for those lazy days.

Keep in mind, though, that during these later hours when stalls close, ingredients may not be as fresh. For optimal freshness, keep shopping to early in the day. A slow stroll to the markets at 10am, with a stop for coffee or lunch, is a good way to start the day!

I usually do my shopping weekly, and if you stay in halls, you could even make a flat trip together and share in the loot.

Chinatown is just across from the Indoor Market and if you’re feeling in the mood for dumplings, you can grab them frozen from the supermarket. There is a small variety of fresh vegetables as well and loads of good, instant noodles to try.

There are some vegan and zero-waste shops around Birmingham as well. Have a wander around Digbeth for hidden gems.


For simple fried chicken:

300g chicken breast, cubed

2 tbsp ground paprika

Salt and pepper

130g (~half cup) flour

50g (3 tbsp) cornflour

1 egg

Veg oil for frying

Heat some oil in a pan, enough to partially submerge the chicken cubes/chunks.

Pat dry the chicken and season with paprika, salt and pepper.

Mix the flour, cornflour and eggs into a batter.

Coat the chicken evenly and fry in some oil until brown, turning it occasionally until cooked through.

Feel free to adjust the recipe and add more flavourings (herbs/spices) to your liking.



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