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Indecisive about joining? Don’t be nervous, be excited!

Indecisive about joining? Don’t be nervous, be excited!

Hello again!!! 🙂

Have you already enrolled and are due to start your university course soon? Or are you still undecided and are thinking about joining us in January?

I can imagine you are pretty nervous… I know I was when I started university! However, I can 100% assure you that there is absolutely NO NEED to be nervous 🙂

My joining story:
I joined UCB on my first day completely on my own. A lot of people join university straight after college, but for me, that wasn’t the case. Straight after college, I worked for an engineering company for two years. I had never really wanted to go to university, to be honest, but after my workplace closed down, I decided that relocating to Aberdeen for them wasn’t for me and going to university to chase my dreams of becoming a pilot was 100% right for me.

So, why did I change my mind?
The reasons that I didn’t want to join a university in the first place were:
– I can’t gain my pilot’s licences by studying a degree at university
– The daunting loan repayments
– Exam stress
– I didn’t want to relocate away from my family, friends and boyfriend

What made me realise that joining UCB was actually the best decision:
– My course doesn’t involve exams, only coursework and practical simulation tests
– I can get the train to university in 30 minutes from home
– I will make amazing new friends and learn a lot more
– A degree in aviation gives me wider career opportunities in the industry I’m interested in
– I will be able to save for my pilot’s licences with the salary I earn after my degree
– I was able to join the BSEEN programme to start up my own businesses
– I have time for a part-time job as well as studying
– The loan isn’t paid back until you earn over £25,725 a year. You also only pay back a tiny amount each month. To calculate exact repayment figures, click here.
– And the most important reason:



I hope the above points help you decide whether or not to join UCB.

If you HAVE enrolled, then CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are about to have the most amazing journey!

Whether you are with us for two years on the FdA course or three years on the BA Hons, make the most of your university life!

There are so many societies you can join (you can use your Kick-start card to pay for your membership!).

Last year, I joined the Pole Fitness society. It was great fun! I made lovely new friends, built my confidence, improved my strength and felt part of a team 🙂 I was certainly the most graceless at this sport… I found some funny photos for you to laugh at! The videos were a lot funnier… I don’t know how I managed it, but I got stuck and the instructor had to come to the rescue!

This year, I am looking at joining yoga to improve my mindfulness, health, flexibility and to make more new friends!

To find the full list of societies and sports clubs you can join, click here.

JUST REMEMBER to RELAX on your first day 🙂 You will have the best time! It will definitely be worth it!

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you soon! X

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