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Into the Semester

Into the Semester

Hi guys,

Recently I went for sushi, so I wanted to share with you some of my favourite ‘all you can eat’ buffets around Birmingham, where you can eat as much as you want. I am sure that these would satisfy your appetites, and they can be all found in the city centre. Being in my placement year, I like to have some dinner nights out with my friends once in a while and these are some of the places where I have been. You might want to consider these places for the next nights out with your new friends from uni.

Jimmy Spice’s just by Broad Street offers a variety of Asian, mostly Indian dishes, and even a grill-to-order section. If you crave some spice, you should consider going.

Ming Moon in Chinatown has a wide array of awesome Chinese dishes. You can fill up on some good dumplings.

The sushi place that I went to is Kyoto Sushi and Grill, situated at the Arcadian, where you can enjoy up to 70 different dishes for about £20 on weekends. Of course in any sushi restaurant, there has to be a conveyor belt from which you can grab your favourites. I would recommend this place when you’re hungry and crave some Japanese food. Their menu includes some desserts worth trying too.

However, as uni begins and the budget is tighter, I would recommend going for Eat4Less instead. Although it is not a buffet, you can get decent meals for affordable prices. It is a good place to grab a meal during breaks in the timetable as well. But beware of the lunchtime crowd.

If you’d prefer to be closer to uni, I’d suggest having lunch at McIntyre House or Summer Row. The meals are affordable and you can use your KickStart card to pay for the meal as well.

The library has now moved to just a street up from McIntyre House as well. It is now bigger and I recommended checking it out if you need a place to study.




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