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Plan your fun Halloween!

Plan your fun Halloween!

Hey hey hey!!

It’s coming to the end of September which means Halloween is just around the corner! So be prepared for the trick or treaters and stack up on sweets!

There are some great places to go for Halloween such as theme parks and festivals. Last year I went to Alton Towers with my friends and boyfriend. It was really fun because not only did we get to go through the scary mazes and castle but we were able to go on the rollercoasters with our tickets too! My favourite ride has always been Oblivion and at the time we went, everyone was interested in the Halloween mazes so there was no queue for the rides! I never get tired of the rollercoasters! After the rides we went to get hot dogs and hot drinks. It was quite cold and rained a little so if you decide to go make sure you wear layers for warmth like I did! We were then ready for the fright and thrills so we queued for the scare mazes.

If you get a little claustrophobic or scared of the dark… I would really consider if this is the right event for you. I remember being terrified as we all stood in a single-file line within the dark eerie castle, the lights completely cut out and my brother had been taken… This then left me at the front of the line to lead the way. The event actors were able to grab you by the arm, drag you through the castle/maze and scare you but we were not allowed to touch them back in defence. At one point I was dragged through pure pitch black darkness and had to find my way out. I had no torch or lighter to help myself so I just stood there helpless shouting my brother’s girlfriend’s name. She did come to my rescue and we held each other as we found our way out. It was funny but scary.

In another maze, I remember having to have a material bag over my head, hold onto a rope and follow the rope to find my way around. At one point I was convinced there was an inflatable in front of me that I couldn’t get through. As I was really struggling I had a little peek outside the bag and to my surprise it wasn’t an inflatable… it wasn’t part of the maze… it was just a man in a puffer coat. I did apologise to the man while laughing.


The year before this I went to Burton Scarefest. This was definitely the scariest I’ve been to. To start with we had drinks and food, then we were put onto a trailer which was pulled by a tractor and it dumped us in the middle of a field in the darkness! It was very muddy in the field and pitch dark as it was at night time. The reason I say this was the scariest was that at one point I was chased by a man with a chainsaw and I could smell the petrol… it sounded all too real. Obviously, they wouldn’t have been allowed to use real dangerous tools but at the time I was scared for my life. After the scare maze was over we went clubbing uptown which was fun and a little embarrassing as we were the only people dressed up in scary costumes.


This year we’re going to Warwick Castle Scare Fest. There is also one in Birmingham but when I went it was held in some industrial units and wasn’t the best I’ve been to. If travelling out of Birmingham is an issue, you could check to see if there are any coaches going to other scare fests or trains.

Each year, my family carve pumpkins and put them in our windows. My dad decided to sculpt wolves howling in a forest (below left). My skills weren’t that good so I just carved a scary face (below right).

Thanks for reading!

Charley x

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