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New Start


Hello, hello, hello everyone!!!! How are you?? Ready for the new start? I am, and I must say I am very excited to know what new things I will learn from my course.

Today I would like to speak about the new start at uni or in my case about my second year, the views I have on it and the comparisons I make from my last year with this one. I hope it is useful and it helps you throughout the year.

I hope those of you starting uni are not that nervous or scared. For me, what helped me loads last year was the thought that everyone is in the same situation, feeling the same and having the same worries as us. This thought helped me a lot because it allowed me to relate to others, and it gave me the power to make others around me feel what I wanted to feel which was being welcome and accepted. And it gave me the result that I wanted which was to make friends.

I understand you very well, and I relate to all of you who are very nervous and become very negative at some point. I am the first one who before entering a lecture, I start thinking that I would not understand the work, or that I won’t make any friends or even the thought that I won’t like today’s food from the canteen. You want to know how I overcome my insecurity because this is just insecurities that make us doubt ourselves. I must say I haven’t managed to overcome it however I’ve been able to control it, in a very simple step, which is by playing a small game with myself: every time a negative thought comes to my head I must restructure it to make it positive.

For example, if the thought of not making any friends come up to my head, I simply change it to I will do my best to make new friends. I understand that it may sound easier to say it than to do it. But if you change every negative thought into positive, you will start feeling more comfortable with yourself and more secure.

This year I am looking forward to starting uni and seeing what the second year of my course will be like. I am open to learning new things and even making new friends. I think back about all the mistakes I made last year, and I am so happy now because I am aware of them and I have the opportunity to improve myself. For example, this year I thought of making myself a week timetable to keep myself well organised because last year I started very unorganised, which caused me a lot of distractions when completing my assignments, and I promised myself that it wasn’t happening this year. So, this year I made a timetable of tasks that I need to do every week. For example:

Monday — the first day of the week, and I like to start the week fresh and clean, so this day is for cleaning, doing my laundry and cooking.

Tuesday — to do my grocery shopping and some exercise.

Wednesday — to relax a bit, watch a movie or read.

Thursday — to go shopping and do some exercise.

Friday — my free day where I don’t have uni, so I left it out as part of my weekend.

Also in the weekdays, I’ve put two hours at night after dinner to revise for assignments. Even though I am a morning person, last year I wasn’t waking up in the mornings so this year I thought of trying to study at night and continue in the morning, and I think that would help more.

“If you’re scared, just be scarier than what is scaring you!” – Thumper, Walt Disney.


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