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Hi guys,

Uni has begun and that means assignments are coming in soon. I hope everyone has adjusted to the new environment and is ready to aim high.

What I want to talk about today is not about academics, but adapting to the new life that is shared living. Of course, most of us share our homes with family, and it may be a big change — as you may have already realised — when staying in a flat with completely new people.

Having stayed in Cambrian, I have had the experience of sharing a flat with nine others. So for today I would like to give you some tips on surviving in shared accommodation (private rentals included too).

1) Respect your flatmates. Remember that everyone has their own lives to deal with. Clean up communal areas after use. Avoid being passive-aggressive when sorting out issues; have mutual understanding of the situation and compromise if need be. Clean up after yourselves, you’re not living at home anymore.

2) Sharing is caring. Sharing food helps reduce food waste. Maybe you bought or cooked too much for dinner. Instead of dumping it and wasting your money, share it with your flatmate(s) and build good relations.
Don’t pinch off of others without permission, that will only slowly but surely create tension in the flat. If sharing isn’t for you, maybe you should lock your cupboards and hide away important stuff in your own room.

3) Lists. Start making a list of perishable food items you have — especially in the fridges. Staying in the halls, I have seen rotten vegetables and mouldy food left in the fridge for weeks. Please avoid that as much as possible, for yourself and the health of others.
Have a cleaning schedule put up that everyone can agree to. It is best to enter this territory with open minds, especially if you hate cleaning. No one likes to be told to clean up, but no one wants your pot of burnt rice soaking in the sink and taking up space for weeks either.

I hope you guys picked up something good here today.
See you in a week!


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