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First Week Back and Exciting News!!!

First Week Back and Exciting News!!!

Hey hey hey!!!

My first week back at uni was insane!!! I did have to force myself to get up early again but it was so worth it!

As I’m studying Aviation and Airport Management, each year my year group get to go on an overseas educational visit. Last academic year we went to Cyprus and it was such an amazing experience.

To be entirely honest I wasn’t really looking forward to this year’s trip because we were told it would be at an extremely cold location in order for us to learn about de-icing aeroplanes and handling extreme weather. I don’t cope very well in cold weather… I remember a couple of years ago in the UK, we had a winter of -10 degrees! I had to get 3 buses to work and the only way I coped was by wearing LOTS of layers, and strapping a couple of hot water bottles to me underneath my big coat!

However, on my first day back, my lecturer gave us three guesses to where we will be going. Nobody guessed it right… he finally announced that we will be going to United Arab Emirates, Dubai!!! The visit to Dubai is normally given to third-year students but my lecturer decided that a visit to Dubai would be more relatable to our coursework this year compared to our final year.

I cannot believe that I will be going to Dubai in less than one month! I have a countdown calendar 😉


Not only is this trip an amazing sightseeing and educational opportunity, but it is also a chance for myself to visit the lady who inspired me to become a pilot, Sonia! (below right)

I met this wonderful lady when I was very young as we used to rent her villa every year in Mallorca. She is now my absolute role model and I adore her very much. She used to be a Captain for a Nigerian Airline while living in Spain but unfortunately, she fell ill with malaria in Africa which resulted in her decision to work in a different country. She is now a pilot for Emirates and lives in Dubai!

I think it’s ironic that I was looking at flights to go visit Sonia in Spain but didn’t book them as Thomas Cook ceased trading and flight prices increased. Now I will be able to see her in Dubai anyway! I can’t explain how much I’m looking forward to this visit!

My visit to Dubai will be on 3 November so you can expect to read more about this amazing trip on 12 November!

Thanks for reading! Charley x

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