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Winter is coming

Winter is coming

Hello people,

Recently the weather has been quite wet and cold. Hopefully this post is not too late!  I want to suggest some of the places to buy wet weather essentials in the city centre.

In the coming months, the winds can get quite strong. So if you’re choosing an umbrella, I would say invest in a strong one. The small foldable umbrellas might not be able to handle strong gusts.

To prevent slipping and prepare for the upcoming winter, you might consider some new water-resistant footwear. I got mine at Sports Direct. They offer a variety of quality footwear at affordable prices. The weather-proof series can be quite pricey but they are a solid investment, especially since we won’t see much of the sun for quite a while.

The many clothing shops in the city centre will have winter apparel for sure. I would recommend having a look at TK Maxx — there is a large selection of winter clothing and coats as well. You may find some goods from known brands too. Size availability is not guaranteed though.

Clothing isn’t everything that protects you in the winter. Your body also requires some care. I recommend stocking up on your favourite teas or other hot beverages, and some instant soups can help you warm up on the cold nights.

Incorporate ginger and garlic into your meals, stock up on them because ginger can help warm the body, and garlic is good to prevent colds. Add ginger slices with your teas, or boil them in water and add honey. Have a little lemon/lime juice for some vitamin C if you need it. Do not forget to drink lots of water throughout the day as well.

There you go guys, I hope this helps you for the upcoming winter in the UK.



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