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Organisation is the key to success!

Organisation is the key to success!

Hi everyone! 🙂

As I’m now in my second year at university, I would like to give some tips that I hope will be helpful to you if you are starting university first year, or if you are struggling a little to get going…

So I must admit last year was quite fun as I met new people, made new friends, joined societies/sports teams and went to Cyprus as an academic visit! However, I found myself struggling to adapt to the new self-study life and always procrastinated leaving my assignments until the last minute!

My biggest advice is DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! 🙂 I know it’s a lot easier said than done but what helped me overcome procrastination is organisation. Organisation is the key to success!!!

In order to be organised I made myself an ‘ideal’ weekly schedule. It consists of:

  • My lecture/seminar times and rooms
  • My morning, getting ready routine
  • Travel times
  • Study time for assignments
  • Shifts at work
  • Exercise
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Free time

You can create your own schedule with the template below 🙂


I am honestly a ‘go with the flow’ sort of person but from last year’s experience, I discovered that going with the flow probably isn’t the best strategy in order to get things done.
I’ve now forced myself to stay at uni after seminars, in order to focus on my assignments. Last year I would go home to study but I would be very stressed as my study time at home was interrupted and I got distracted. I tried the ‘staying after seminars’ strategy this week and found that I was much less stressed and when I got home at about 5-6pm, I had time to relax rather than stressing about work. In the time I spent at uni when staying over, I have managed to write my introductions for each assignment. If you struggle to write your introductions, try rewording your assignment brief and give definitions of the keywords. There are also videos on the UCB Portal under the CASE module which may be helpful.

As well as my mini schedule, I have a monthly calendar in my room. I put everything on my phone calendar to give myself notifications too.

Things I would advise you to put on your calendar are:

  • A visit to your subject librarian (they will help you find the best reading/reference sources!)
  • Meetings with CASE for every assignment you have before you submit them (even if you are getting top grades)
  • Assignment due dates (I have now set this as the day before the actual due date so that I don’t leave it until last minute)

To summarise, my biggest tips for getting started are:

  • Take good notes during lectures (I mainly write down what the lecturers are saying which is NOT already written on the PowerPoint slide)
  • Don’t procrastinate – make a schedule to help yourself!
  • Use all the available facilities such as the library and CASE
  • Stay positive!

I hope this has helped you! Thanks for reading 🙂
Charley x

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