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Tips and Tricks for Choosing Your Best Everyday Outfits

Tips and Tricks for Choosing Your Best Everyday Outfits

Hello, hello, hello everyone!! How are you today?

I hope you found last week’s post on procrastination useful to help you complete this term’s assignment and have a lot of free time after.

Today I would like to give you some tips to choose your everyday clothes. If you are like me and you struggle to choose your clothes, then you will find these tips and tricks useful.

1. I focus on my MOOD 😊☹😪😢 and WEATHER

Although you may find it quite interesting that I choose my clothes depending on my mood and the weather, it’s the truth, and I am going to show you how.

When I am waking up in the morning, the last thing I want to do is arrive late due to choosing my clothes for the day. Finding something quickly, I firstly look outside my window to check what the day is like and also my phone to see if it’s going to change throughout the day. And after I know if I feel more sporty, casual or smart casual, when I make my mind, I start looking for the outfit.

For example:

  • For a sunny day which is going to become cloudy, I would look for some bright but not too bright (like light blue, white, baby pink), and then I check my mood if I feel more comfortable wearing pink, blue, or white.
  • For cloudy days, I tend to use dark colours like grey or black.

2. Imagining yourself in the situation

When you are not sure about the clothes to wear, it’s handy to imagine yourself in the situation. When you do, you will then feel if you would be comfortable wearing this outfit or not. Believe it or not, clothes make you gain confidence in yourself, and if what you are wearing makes you doubtful, then it’s not the right one.

3. Taking pictures of outfits

When I’m about to leave, I usually tend to take pictures of my outfits. This is very useful for when you are in the mood that you feel you don’t have clothes that everything is old, and you don’t like them. When you check through your pictures and see all the outfits, you start getting new ideas.

4. Looking for the advice of friends and family

I love this one where I ask my mum if she likes what I am wearing and to advise me. However, when her facial expression shows the opposite, I feel very annoyed — not with her, with myself for failing in finding the appropriate outfit and wasting time.

5. As the last solution, I tend to check the internet or social media to get inspiration

Sometimes when I feel I don’t have clothes, I check the internet to see what I would buy in case I didn’t have any clothes and when I start searching after a couple of minutes, I realise that I have similar clothes. This allows me to appreciate what I have with no need to spend money.

“Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”- Walt Disney.