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Your work – keep on top of it!

Your work – keep on top of it!

Hey everyone!

So I’m just a few weeks into my course now and I’ve already had a light bulb moment, and that is this – student life is not a joke!

Some students crave that university experience, and by that I mean the partying, drinking, living in student accommodation, hangovers, staying up until the midnight hour, falling asleep in class, spending a student loan on everything besides university resources etc.. You know what I mean, don’t you? It is a stereotypical view of student life but let’s be honest, some of us know exactly what this is!

I’m not saying that you can’t do well at university if you go down that route but at some point, you might need to decide how you’re going to balance the ‘student experience’ with getting the results you want.

The thing for me is I’m studying part time, which is fantastic and it completely works around my family’s schedule, but my concerns are around how I’m going to manage my workload. If you’re a working student, you’ll probably get where I’m coming from or even if you’re doing some sort of placement as part of your course, there’s probably still uni work to be done and submitted within certain timeframes. The question is how will you fit everything in and avoid falling behind with uni work?

Ok, I do have an answer that might sound more simple when it’s said out loud than putting it into practice: Keep on top of it!

I say this because in the first week at uni, we were given a task to complete as part of our first assignment. Before I could even think about getting it typed up and signed off, I was back in class the following week with a new task to complete!

As far as my course goes, assessment is mainly done by assignments throughout the year which gives me a slight advantage over some students as it means that I don’t have any massive dissertations or exams to worry about at the end of my course.

However now, as a mature student, I understand that ‘independent learning’ on your student timetable doesn’t mean using those free slots to go shopping or meet up with friends for a social drink.

Most of us have extremely busy schedules and with so much expectation and demands as a university student, it’s easy to start putting thing off until tomorrow, and then the next day, and then the day after!

If you want to avoid panicking about reaching those last-minute deadlines that you didn’t realise were right around the corner, prevent assignments from mounting, save yourself the headache of submitting unfinished, unpolished, grammatically incorrect, incomplete work – don’t put it off, keep on top of it!

I wrote last week about Mental Health Day and I felt that this post was fitting in terms of it being one of the ways to maintain good practices, habits and boost your wellbeing.

I hope you enjoyed reading it! Have a great weekend.



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