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Sightseeing in West Midlands

Sightseeing in West Midlands

Hello guys!

Welcome back to my blog! So, I am nearly five months into my placement, and it has been a rollercoaster ride. Work this week stepped down a notch so I finally had a little more free time. I concluded that it’s only right I spend my spare time how a student should, and I don’t mean constant lie-ins.

As an international student, I want to make sure that my time in the UK is spent well. I want to seize every opportunity I get in experiencing and understanding the environment, culture and history of the United Kingdom. So, over the last week or so I have been gallivanting on my days off, making sure I go to places and experience the vast history that lies within West Midlands.

My first stop was, of course, the one and only Black Country Living Museum in Dudley. I travelled with some friends via a narrowboat which went down a series of canals and finally to the museum. Walking through the live museum and seeing homes from the late 18th century was a great experience. I also had the privilege of tasting some real ale and finger-licking fish and chips as the museum also featured some traditional shops and pubs. There is also a sweet shop on site that we went in before we left that sold old fashioned sweets, which went down a treat. I recommend visiting the Black Country Living Museum.

I took a train to Coventry to visit the Cathedral. I heard that some of the ruins of the original Cathedral remain and after visiting I must say they are genuinely moving. The Cathedral has a serene feel standing inside it, and the aftermath of World War resides in the atmosphere due to the ruins that remain. But while there you still genuinely appreciate the beautiful architecture they have built as the new Cathedral.

Thank you for reading! I will continue with my journeys and keep you updated.


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