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World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day

Hello everyone.

Today’s topic is for all the animal lovers and environmental activists out there. As many of you have probably seen on social media, it was World Vegan Day on 1 November.

A lot of people might think now: What? Veganism? That’s way too extreme for me, I could never replace meat and dairy products. But I think that’s mostly because most people do not know much about the advantages of it.

Being vegan is actually easier than you think and the myth of it being more expensive is really not true. If adapted correctly, a plant-based diet can actually be cheaper than a meat-based diet. And not only that, living a vegan lifestyle brings advantages for everyone in this world. It is healthier, more sustainable and to be honest, if we see the animals we normally eat, being happy, nobody could think about harming those beautiful creatures.

Unfortunately veganism is often considered as being an extreme kind of lifestyle. But let me tell you this: It really improves your life quality once you start it.

Of course it is difficult to change your whole way of living and eating from one moment to another. But starting with small steps is already an excellent thing. Maybe cutting down the amount of meat you eat to 2-3 times a week is a good way to start. I think it is more important to be aware of the things you are eating and trying to live a healthier lifestyle than hardly restricting yourself from any kind of animal products.

If you are interested in veganism, vegetarianism or simply the effects the meat industry has on our environment, animals and our own health, there are some documentaries I can highly recommend:

  • Cowspiracy (Netflix)
  • What the Health (Netflix)
  • Earthlings (YouTube)
  • Forks over Knifes (Netflix)
  • The Game Changers (Netflix)

That’s it for today, I hope you guys got some inspiration and got interested in a more sustainable, healthier lifestyle.


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