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Wildlife Wednesday

Wildlife Wednesday

Hey everyone.

So, how was Reading Week? I had a great time off. I must admit that when I checked my To Do List by the end of the week, I started to panic slightly because I couldn’t tick off the first item on my list – ‘complete uni work’! Note to self – must get that sorted ASAP.

As a parent and a UCB student, Reading Week for me is also a vague reminder that I really have to work twice as hard to balance my workload as schools are on half term, so for me, it means wearing several hats. I’m a mum 24/7 (at least that’s how it feels a lot of the time) and I’m also trying to work around my family’s schedule, to get the best results at uni.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Reading Week.

We headed out on most days which was lovely (even though it was really cold). Surprisingly, the weather was decent for most of the week. Well, the sun was shining where I was but it was icy cold so I made sure that we put on layer upon layer – I mean, hats and scarves were in full effect!

I captured this beautiful autumnal/wintry photo on my travels (the outdoor temperature tells me that autumn has officially ended and winter is here).

So, one of the places that we visited was the Birmingham Nature Reserve, also called the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park and to locals, it’s just known as The Nature Centre.

My family and I spent about 2 hours there and that was enough time to discover the variety of animals, from the cheeky monkeys, to domestic animals such as goats and pigs, reptiles and birds etc.

It’s not a massive place but for what it is, I’d say it’s definitely worth a visit.

So I absolutely love animals and discovering all of the different species, I probably sound like a donut trying to pronounce some of their names but I give it a good go. We spotted those cute little monkeys known as tamarins, yellow-breasted capuchin monkeys, meerkats and more.

Generally, adult ticket prices are around £6.75 but good thing I had my Student ID so it was slightly cheaper. I think it worked out £1 less, which is still a saving.

We headed to the cafe for a bite to eat and I picked up a jacket potato with two fillings for about £4.80. The kids meals were about £4.50 each but the portions were quite big.

Of course, bringing your own packed lunch is always the cheaper option.

One thing that I like about the Nature Centre is that the facilities are quite good and accessible: toilets, a gift shop, small indoor soft play area and outdoor play area and as I mentioned, their very own cafe. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Getting there is easy from the city centre and as there are great transport links, into and out of the city, there are several buses that you can hop on to get there as it’s just on Pershore Road. If you’re driving, there’s a car park which is reasonably priced, I paid £2.20 for up to 4 hours – happy days!

Cannon Hill Park is a short hop next door to the Nature Centre, which sits between Edgbaston and Moseley. So, all in all, this could be a great day out!

Have a great weekend, all!



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