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Educational trip to Dubai!!!

Educational trip to Dubai!!!

Hey hey hey!!
As-salamu alaykum 😉

Wow, I am tired but so grateful! I just got back from our trip to Dubai and it was AMAZING! As I said in my previous blog I had no idea we would be going to Dubai this year as this trip is usually for third-year students… so it was such a lovely surprise when we found out in our first week back!

In our first year, we went to Cyprus which was a beautiful trip. Click here to read more about it.

As I am studying Aviation and Airport Management, our trips need to be related to our assignments. I think it’s an amazing course as we get to travel and see what the world has to offer. It’s a real eye-opener!

We all met at Birmingham Airport on Sunday and to be honest with you I was a bit nervous to travel to this country. There is a lot of stereotypes and stigma around it being a ‘dangerous’ country… however, it’s actually the SAFEST country as their laws are so strict. As long as you stick to the laws and respect others, you will have the best time out there!

On our first day, we went to the Dubai Expo site to be given a lecture about how they are planning for this major event. This event has 190 countries taking part and allows them to share their innovation and architecture. You may have heard about this event on the radio or seen it on TV, is in it.

Along the way to this trip, we had some photo stops and after the trip, we were given free time and a coach took us to Dubai Old Souk.

You are probably wondering who that lovely lady is in the photo with me… this is Sonia, the lady who inspired me to become a pilot. She is such a role model! I look up to her so much. She is currently a pilot for Emirates Airlines. I also wrote a little about her in my previous blog 😉

On our second day, we went to Emirates Aviation University where we were given a lecture about Dubai in their huge lecture theatre! They also gave us a prospectus to show us the courses they deliver there and then gave us a tour around the university which was interesting and different. Their facilities and workshops were amazing.

After this, we drove to Abu Dhabi where we had a lecture at an executive jet company. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to tour around Abu Dhabi, but we did drive past the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. I didn’t get a very good photo of the grand mosque but there were so many other beautiful mosques!

When we finally got back to our hotel, we were taken to Dubai Mall. My friends and I watched the fountain show and went up the Burj Khalifa. I was stunned by how huge the mall was! There was an aquarium and a waterfall inside this ‘shopping’ mall… you could go scuba diving in the aquarium with the sharks which I think is pretty cool.


Flying there and back was also an experience for myself as I have never flown with Emirates before. We went on the big A380 which is a double-decker aircraft. The view flying over Turkey was jaw-droppingly beautiful.

If you are thinking about joining our course… DO IT… you won’t regret it 😉

Thanks for reading!

Charley x

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