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Birmingham Christmas Market

Birmingham Christmas Market

Frohe Weihnachten alle zusammen!

That’s German for Merry Christmas and that’s what today’s topic will be about. Even though Christmas is still over a month away, the city centre is already shining in warming lights and Christmas songs are ringing in the streets. The reason for this is the annual German Christmas market.

The Grinches among you might frown just at the thought of it, but for most people it’s the long awaited highlight of the cold wintertime. From Victoria Square to the Bullring, the whole of New Street is full of shops with traditional German food, warm drinks and all kinds of self-made gifts you can imagine. Nutcrackers, candles, snow globes etc. Every Christmas-related thing has found its place somewhere on the market. When the sun goes down and the lights illuminate the whole street, you can feel the Christmas atmosphere all around you.

You might think now: ‘Christmas and all that is fine but why is there a German Christmas market here in Birmingham?’ Well the answer is simple. The city of Frankfurt in Germany is the twin city of Birmingham and they first brought it here, that’s the reason it’s called the Frankfurt Christmas Market. Interesting to note that it’s the biggest authentic Christmas market outside Germany and Austria. Christmas markets like this one are very common in Germany and you find them in every city during the wintertime.

The market is open every day from 10am to 9pm until the 23 of December.

So if you have a free day in the next weeks where you want to get a break from your assignments, take some friends, grab a pretzel and a glühwein (mulled wine) and let the Christmas spirit warm up your heart and body !

Auf Wiedersehen und Prost!



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