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28 days until Christmas!!!!

28 days until Christmas!!!!

Hello, hello, hello everyone!!! How are you??? I hope everything is going well.

This week I am going to speak about Christmas and what it means for me and how I celebrate it in my country.

I must say Christmas is my favourite time of the year. If it was up to me, I would have Christmas all year long. I feel it’s the only time when everyone smiles, becomes more welcoming, and most importantly everyone comes together. I really enjoy walking by the streets, enjoying the Christmas lights, the Christmas shopping, the carols, the nice cold breeze… and so on.

It’s so interesting how lifetime changes your perception of things. I mean, I remember when I was small and I saw Christmas as the time to ask for presents. Now I just want to be with family and friends playing games, bringing up memories, watching Christmas films or even just spending time with them. Do you feel the same?

In my family we have a tradition, that on 24 December we all sit at the table and we have seafood, soup, and a type of meat that every year changes. Everything is cooked by someone in my family, with 30 of us in total sitting at the table. Imagine how long the table is! It’s amazing, the perfect part is when someone starts to sing Christmas carols and everyone joins in, or even when they start throwing bread sticks over the table haha. I am the youngest of all and sometimes feel I am one of the eldest.

Every year we have the tradition of having a small gift on the table and since a few years back I’ve contributed to that, making handmade gifts. Once I made a 3D snowman, everyone loved it. This year I made something very special: I bought Christmas decoration balls that are empty inside with the purpose of decorating it ourselves and making a wish inside or a goal for 2020. I think it is very meaningful and everyone will enjoy it. Continuing with the traditions on 31 December , New Year’s Eve, we celebrate by counting 12 grapes 12 seconds before midnight. Do you have any traditions for Christmas?

If you are very into Christmas like me, there is an event coming up this year on 5 December at the UCB Resource Centre, where members of staff are going to transform the Mezzanine, celebrating Christmas with traditions from all over the world. If you have a tradition and you would like to get involved, you can email – it’s a worthwhile experience as it’s an opportunity to make new friends.

So that’s Christmas for me. I hope you have enjoyed it and you are looking forward to Christmas as much as me.

“I have been thinking long what I want for Christmas and have realised that I have everything already: the best family and friends ever”- Walt Disney.


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