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Own Your Winter Wellness

Own Your Winter Wellness

Hey everyone!

It doesn’t seem that long ago since Christmas cards started appearing in the shops and if you’ve already started counting down, you’ll know that there are less than 4 weeks to go!

Even though the winter season can be full of excitement – party planning, gift wrapping, chocolate munching – it’s still important to look after our health, especially during a time where the motivation to stay active and eat well may not be in the forefront of our minds.

I don’t know how you feel but for me, winter’s never felt so cold. Well, I’m sure it has but lately, uh, the winter chill is unbelievable! Sometimes, I look outside and I just want to stay curled up and go into hibernation mode. I mean, the thought of stepping outdoors makes me want to hit ‘snooze’ just a few more times until I pluck up the courage to crawl out of my bed.

So, who else is planning on putting in extra work this winter to stay well? I am, but not just for the winter period – beyond.

Drink 2 litres a day, they say! What am I talking about? Water. The most natural source of fluid, and for me, it hits all the right notes when it comes to quenching my thirst. Whether you have it hot or cold, drinking pure water is vital for a number of reasons but my number one reason for drinking water is that it absolutely keeps me hydrated. The other amazing thing about water is that it prevents toxins from building up and invading your immune system. Why not add a slice of lemon for a hint of flavour?

Of course, there’s no hard written rule to ‘staying healthy’ during the winter months, but taking small steps to improve your chances of keeping the colds and flu away is definitely worth it.

Besides, when the Christmas season is over (and it will be over in a flash – not to wish the time away or anything) that’s generally when people start to feel ‘sluggish’ and less motivated.

I know I’ll struggle with this one too this winter but maintaining an active lifestyle and eating healthily is a great way to take care of your immune system, maintain self-esteem and body confidence and overall fitness.

This weather can definitely turn us off things like getting to the gym or heading outdoors even for a walk, but the risk of catching colds, flu and other illnesses are higher in the colder months so paying closer attention to healthy habits is vital.

Who doesn’t look forward to whopping down a Christmas roast? I do, but one thing that I told myself I was going to do during this winter season is eat more fish (at least 1 portion of oily fish per week). Why? Because they say that eating at least 2 portions of fish per week is good for heart health, and fish that contains omega 3 fatty acids is good for reducing joint pain and stiffness.

I could go on, convincing you to eat more of this and do less of that, drink more of this and less of that, for winter. But the point is just taking extra care this winter can improve your wellness.

My fellow students, I hope you’ll thank me for this winter wellness post – I enjoyed reading it too 🙂

Until the next blog – Oh happy days, have a great weekend!


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