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BSEEN Part 2

BSEEN Part 2

Hey Hey Hey!!!

For those of you who read my previous blog about UCB’s Enterprise Hive… I am going to discuss the BSEEN Bootcamp and the position I am in currently with my business!

If you missed my first blog, please follow this link to view it 🙂

The BSEEN Bootcamp

BSEEN is funded by the European Union and, in my opinion, is a wonderful opportunity!

When I booked my first Enterprise Hive meeting, I explained my ambition and business idea to the Enterprise adviser, Nethan, and we discussed my application for the BSEEN programme.

I was then pleased to hear that my application had been successful! I now have access to a free workspace, great support from the Enterprise advisers, an assigned professional mentor, and a £500 grant to help fund my business!

At the start of September, I went on their 5-day Bootcamp which was amazing. I learned a lot and met a lot of supportive, like-minded people. The topics covered in this 5-day Bootcamp were:

  • Day 1 – Business Planning
  • Day 2 – Registering your Business
  • Day 3 – Marketing
  • Day 4 – Finance, Start-Up Legals, Intellectual Property
  • Day 5 – Sales and Pitching

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My favourite session out of the Bootcamp was on Day 5, doing Sales and Pitching with a man called Warwick. He gave us confidence in pitching our businesses and ideas. He then got us to write our motivation story (our ‘WHY’). We were told to try to incorporate our ‘WHY’ into our business name or slogan. This made me realise that I needed to change my business name (it used to be called Lavish Nails). I have now called my business Azure Nails because…

  • My ‘WHY’ is: I aspire to become a helicopter pilot one day but my licences cost a LOT of money… therefore I am using another skill to raise money for these licences.
  • Azure means blue sky… and whenever I look up at the sky, it not only reminds me of my ambition to become a pilot, but it makes me feel calm and creative.

By the end of the Bootcamp, I had already registered my business as a sole trader with the government.

My Current Business Position

I have now received the £500 grant after buying my business products! I am currently still practising my skills so that I can offer a professional service. I will be offering a launch price so that I can get used to working on clients as well as offer a cheaper price as I am just starting the business. I am hoping to be able to offer this launch price in January!

I will then be offering official prices a few months later which will hopefully be as follows:

I am so excited to start offering my services and raising money for my licences!

I’m also really looking forward to my first meeting with my mentor 🙂

Hopefully, I will be able to attend the BSEEN monthly meet up in January with some business cards and photos of work done on existing clients. It will also be a great opportunity to catch up with the people I met on the Bootcamp!

Book your appointment with the Enterprise Hive!

Do you have a business idea? No matter how big your ideas are, definitely book an appointment to discuss it… it could develop into something amazing. 😉

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Follow this link to book yourself an appointment with an Enterprise adviser! UCB’s Enterprise advisers are Joseph Margetts and Nethan Punj. You can find them on the seventh floor in Summer Row 🙂


You can follow the Enterprise Hive on LinkedIn. They share some great information there and you can see how other students have turned their ideas into successful businesses!

BSEEN also have a LinkedIn account which you can follow.

Thanks for reading!

Charley x

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